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Matthew Fleeger is promoting the Oil and Gas Industry through Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western, LLC explores, develops as well as acquires domestic oil and gas reserves in the gulf coast region of the US. It is better known as a Managing Venture of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. Its focus is on properties with both geophysical geological advantages. Matthew Fleeger is the company’s President and CEO.

The company was founded in 1970 and today, it has locations in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi as well as Colorado. The company has improved its presence in Louisiana through its partners; Orbit Gulf Coast Explortion and Northcote Energy Ltd. Through Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Gulf Coast Western has acquired many wells in the area and other properties that has enabled to produce over 800 oil barrels in a day. Gulf Coast Western’s partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd involves 50% working interest as well as assets and consequently, the company has been able to up their operations in the Shoats Creek Field.

Apart from the company’s focus on exploration and leasing acquisition activities in Gulf Coast, it also looks to expand to other parts of the United States. It has made numerous partnerships across the country and most of the partners participates in joint ventures.

Matthew Fleeger is a big name and to affirm that, he is in the International Who’s Who list of Business Professionals. He has built a name in the following areas; waste management, oil and gas, as well as tanning industries. His expertise in team building, strategic planning, entrepreneurial skills and contract negotiation has gained him a lot of recognition.

Prior to joining Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger started MedSolutions, Inc., a company that specializes on transportation, disposal as well as treatment of medical wastes from healthcare companies. He spent 13 years in the company serving as CEO and President. He also founded two enterprises with revenues about $100 million in the tannin industry. He holds a Business Administration degree from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Helps L’Oreal Evolve With Beauty

Social media is a marketing trend that Dan Bethelmy-Rada sees an exciting with almost limitless possibilities when it comes to how it can be implemented to leave impressions on their customers. The Global Brand President for the Professional Products Division of L’Oreal has been innovating the marketing industry since he began working in the beauty industry almost 20 years ago. At the young age of 40, he has already been working as Global Brand President since January 2015 after amassing 15 years of experience for L’Oreal and Garnier.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has an impressive track record in the industry that has earned the respect and dedication of his considerable team. Inclusivity is important for him within L’Oreal and he does a lot to encourage it. He has had the opportunity to witness a lot of different types of beauty throughout his life as he has been to many different countries around the world since his childhood. While he was born in Venezuela, he spent 10 years living in the United States before moving to France at the age of 16. He learned during this time that beauty is different around the world and there are not universal standards when it comes to what is beautiful. As someone working in the beauty industry, this has made him realize just how different their customer base is around the different parts of the globe.

While Dan Bethelmy-Rada has achieved a considerable amount of success during his lengthy career in beauty, he also encourages and helps others to advance within the company and in their careers in general. This is why he pushes for furthering education to advance your career. Training other people who show potential in marketing for positions is also something that he takes pride in doing.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada works for a titan in the beauty industry and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. While his position may not be easy, it is always interesting and can come with a lot of changes every single day. As the world of beauty continues to evolve, so will the world of marketing the industry.

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Talos Energy: Leaders in Oil and Natural Gas Discoveries

Talos Energy Inc. is an autonomous gas and oil exploration company. It was launched on the year 2012 by Timothy Duncan who was the founder. Talos Energy started with an initial capital outlay of $600 million. It mainly focuses on areas such as offshore exploration and production in the shallow waters of the Mexican coast. Its Headquarters are based in Houston, Texas. Talos energy has managed to set a pace in oil exploration. This can be attributed to having a team of highly qualified and experienced managers. Through their expertize, they have successfully managed to acquire and develop operated shelf and deep-water assets in the Gulf of Mexico. They have explored, exploited and optimized those assets using their cutting-edge seismic technologies and innovative techniques.

Good management has brought about a good performance over time. Before launching Talos Energy in 2012, they successfully formed and sold two companies i.e. Phoenix exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co. The sale of these two companies generated significant returns to their stakeholders.

Talos energy marked the beginning of the Zama Appraisal program by exploring the Zama 2 well. This program comprises of three reservoirs which include two wells and one sidetrack. This discovery was made on 12th July 2017 and approved by Mexico’s oil and gas regulatory body known as the National Hydrocarbons Commission on 28th September 2018. The first well will be drilled on the northern side of the region.

This will help the energy firm to collect the relevant information which is needed to understand the capacity of the reservoirs. It will also be deepened by 500 meters to test an exploration prospect known as Marte. The second well will be drilled on the southern side and this will help in improving quality in the southern region. It will be sampled to help the company’s technical team to understand the geology of the area. Talos energy contracted a firm known as ENSCO 8503 rig for the drilling program. It also contracted McDermott International Inc. for Concept and Engineering services. Other supporting services such as shore base support and communication-related services were given to several Mexican Suppliers

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Gareth Henry: An Expert in Real Estate

Gareth Henry is a self-motivated real estate expert. He has an engaging personality that helps him to build confidence with the client. Gareth has managed to use a mathematical model in transforming the market portfolio of the real estate sectors. His self-driven attitude and desire have helped people to invest in real estate. Gareth Henry shows strong leadership qualities for heading managerial role in various organizations such as being the head of international investors group and working for Fortress Investment s Group. View Henry Gareths’s profile at Linkedin.

The Real Estate Growth Rate

Gareth Henry uses his vast knowledge to help real estate investors to grow. He notes with liquid asset one earns peanut and money are taxed. This is the reason that has spearheaded wise investors to invest in real estate: the value of asset hikes in the stock exchange market, investors earning high-interest rate.

A large number of the citizen in the United States own a house, approximating sixty-four percent of families. There is a significant increase in the house price at the magnitude of 5%-6% per year. It depicts that investors who purchased a house ten years ago can make a 100% profit if they decided to sell the home at current market price.

Value Addition

A real estate has a higher consistency in market rate return, in a year. The investors can get 15% interest, and approximately 40% for two years. The value may depreciate and earn zero or negative. It’s prudent for real estate investors to find ways to get higher returns. Gareth Henry states that investors need skills to optimize profit and minimize risks. Real estate investors should be knowledgeable to add the value to their homes. One can acquire a house at a discount that is poorly managed, and seek a loan to renovate and sell the home at a price higher than can cover its initial price, cost of renovation and interest on top. Core investment help to decide the most desirable location to build a house, investing in the outskirt of the town, the companies may acquire the building either for leisure, start a medical facility, a student hostel and or a godown storage facility. Investing may earn a fortune to real estate

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Jacob Gottlieb Considering Health Care Hedge Fund In The Future

Jacob Gottlieb loves investing and won’t let his experiences at Visium keep him from enjoying the career that he has dedicated his life to. While the actions taken by the employees who were participating in insider trading were not connected to Jacob Gottlieb, he still took responsibility for the shutting down of his company as the CEO and made sure clients were returned the capital they had entrusted him with. He has been performing these duties for the last 2 years and has made the decision to move on.

While Jacob Gottlieb is currently running a new investment firm called Altium, he is thinking about getting back into the world of hedge funds. His new firm mainly focuses on managing his own wealth that he has accumulated over the years and includes his brother as their CEO. As a medical doctor, he focuses his investment decisions on the healthcare industry. If and when he decides to create a new hedge fund, it will also focus on health care with the goal to promote good research.

A lot of companies have gone public in many different fields of health care in the last few years. With this much activity happening in the stock market, there is going to be a lot of money gained and lost and Jacob Gottlieb wants to be in on the action. He hasn’t released much more information other than the fact that he is wanting to get into the business again, but people are looking forward to seeing his investment choices.

While there were several people within his company that did not practice ethically, Jacob Gottlieb is determined to move beyond their actions. The actions of a few in his company do not represent his own practices in the industry. He believes that his clients will support his future endeavors due to his successful track record in the past.

Steve Ritchie Outlines Papa John’s Efforts Moving Forward

Papa John’s recently started its fist social media campaign in the last few months. Additionally, the current Chief Executive Officer of the pizza Chain, Steve Ritchie, wrote an open letter to employees, customers, and franchisees, pointing out the efforts of the company moving forward, especially when it comes to sales trends. In the letter, it was mentioned by Ritchie that the leadership team at Papa John’s completed the “unconscious bias training”, a program that they plan to roll out across the country.

In the open letter, CEO Steve Ritchie talked about visiting Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, as part of what was dubbed as the “listening tour”, in order to get feedback from the team members of Papa John’s in order to understand what moves need to be made in order for the company to do better in the future. The company is also currently assembling an advisory group comprised of experts in the field of diversity, inclusion, and equity, in order to guide the brand. Ritchie also pointed out that he is personally committed to the addition of more diversity to Papa John’s leadership team.

Papa John’s is currently launching the development of long-term initiatives, including the development and expansion program of minority-owned franchises, and the creation of a foundation which will focus on having a appositive impact on the communities where employees are living and working. Steve Ritchie talked about starting 25 years ago in the pizza business due to the fact that pizza brings people together. He noted that he found a home at the pizza chain, and that Papa John’s stands for fairness, opportunity, respect and equity, and that the most important ingredient is the company’s people.

Steve Ritchie became CEO of the company back in January, and he pointed out in the open letter that when he took on the position, equity, inclusion and diversity became his top priorities. In addition, he talked on social media about listening to company’s team members and that Papa John’s is currently looking inwards and reclaiming the responsibilities that the company has to their partners, communities and customers.

Marc Beer Saving The Lives Of Million Women

Marc Beer, is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Renovia Inc. The company aims to develop therapeutic and diagnostic devices to treat pelvic floor disorders, which is a great initiative to create awareness and could potentially improve the lives of millions of women with the help of innovative sensor technologies and a digital health platform. Renovia was founded by Marc along with Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias, MD in the August of 2016.


Recently, $42 million was raised by the efforts and struggle of Marc Beer to fund the women’s health startup. The funds raised will be used by the Boston based medical technology company for developing and testing four other new products and to treat pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to research, urinary continence affects approximately 250 million women worldwide which is a huge number. Therefore, Renovia has the vision to create more awareness of these pelvic floor disorder and wants women to seek consultation and treatment, as Renovia is here to help them in all matters imaginable.


Marc has an experience of 25 years in development and commercialization in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries. His vast experience has given him an edge to take Renovia Inc in a successful direction. The company has already got the FDA approval for its first product Leva which is evidence enough that the company is fully committed to their aim to provide treatments and the FDA approval is a win for them.


Other healthcare-driven investing firms have invested early in Renovia, the Longwood Fund is one of the firms. The funding collected by Renovia will be used for developing more diagnostic and therapeutic products, and there also might be a new generation developed for the Leva device. The support of other investment firms is a motivation for startup companies that come to life for a good cause. It’s great how the leading healthcare investors are able to recognize the true potential of a company and share their vision. In this case, the vision of Renovia is to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of the women who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders.


Renovia is not just any startup, it’s carefully developed keeping mind the need to be tech-friendly in the world today. They have quite innovative sensor technologies along with form factors that make use of a digital health platform to inform the customers about new treatment options, to create awareness and knowledge about pelvic floor disorders and how precautions lead to lower long-term healthcare costs.


After leaving Aegerion in 2015, Renovia is Marc Beers’s first venture since then. He has admirable experiences rolled up his sleeve as he was also the strategic consultant to OvaScience as well. Due, to the efforts of people like Marc Beer who are passionate about their profession and want to help create awareness in the society about certain uncommon disorders, makes him an inspiration for other people because his efforts of today will be saving millions of lives tomorrow. Learn more:


Serge Belamant and the Coming Blockchain Transaction Revolution

The blockchain is the talk of the town in the tech world. While many of us were first introduced to blockchain in relation to cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and BTC, there are many other uses for this not-so-new technology. One of the founders of blockchain, Serge Belamant, has developed a way to harness the considerable power of blockchain technology to implement a cheap and easy digital transaction system that does not need a centralized computer server.

Serge Belamant alongside his team at Net1 have developed their own, proprietary patented technology that bypasses traditional banks and financial companies to allow consumers and merchants to connect using distributed ledger technology. The company is currently in a fantastic position to generate truly immense levels of free cash flow.

These levels are so high, in fact, that the company will likely be able to exercise the option to purchase the vast majority or all of the remaining shares on the market on or before the end of 2023. This means that Net1 stock is a significantly undervalued asset and that a smart or savvy investor could take advantage of this fact to improve their portfolio.

What makes this technology so revolutionary is the simple fact that the team at Net1 and Serge Belamant have devised of a way to process transactions with EMV cards that do not have to link back to a central server. So instead of utilizing heavy equipment, servers, and an internet connection, all you need is a handheld device and the blockchain. Since the system is blockchain based, a block cannot be moved without being verified.

This is a significant step up from traditional payment systems which are often victims of fraud and mechanical/server issues. There are other benefits to this technology, namely the fact that payment processing costs will be but a fraction of the costs of traditional merchants.

Serge Belamant and all of the people he works with at Net1 have truly cracked the code when it comes to disrupting industries, and the credit and merchant associations have a lot to worry about from this groundbreaking new use of blockchain technology.

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Sunday Riley: High Quality Skin Care

Oftentimes consumers may feel as though they are stuck between drug-store skin care products that are cost effective but maybe not very efficient at what they claim to do, and products that are extremely efficient but come with a price tag that looks similar to last month’s rent. Sunday Riley brings us the best of both worlds. Although the prices aren’t quite as low as what you might find at your local drugstore, they are much lower than the usual medical-grade skin care lines. They are also extremely effective at hydrating the skin and clearing up imperfections.

Sometimes skin care products can become too clinical, such as the ones that contain retinol or salicylic acid. Consumers can become intimidated by the extensive warning labels on the back about drying skin and redness. Sunday Riley takes all the intimidation out of skin care. Creams and lotions that are meant to help improve your appearance shouldn’t be scary anyway. Customers have commented on how the packaging is appealing and a far-cry from the medical-looking bottles found in drugstores. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of large pores, hydrate your skin, and clear your complexion, Sunday Riley has a prettily packaged product for you.

Most products from Sunday Riley (@sundayrileyskincare) cost around $100, which is a happy medium between drugstore-cheap and celebrity-expensive. The effective skin care products are able to stay so relatively cheap because of Riley herself, the formulator. The research and development budget is sometimes what drives up the cost of products, but Riley does all of that for free. She tests new products on friends and family, and if something doesn’t work perfectly she immediately revamps it. Products that no longer represent the brand are removed from shelves, because Riley is very particular about what is sold under her name. So if you are looking for an affordable option for effective skin care products, the Sunday Riley line may be just what you need. Get your Riley products on Sephora.


Badminton’s Gareth Henry Makes His Voice Heard For LGBTQ Rights

When it comes to badminton, Gareth Henry is a name that many fans of the sport are quite familiar with. Henry, however, is not just an outstanding badminton athlete. He is also quite active when it comes to voicing his opinions on various issues, especially equal rights for LGBTQ individuals. Jamaica is where he was born back in 1977, and it was there that he grew up before eventually migrating all the way to Canada.


Currently, the Toronto the the city which Gareth Henry calls his home. Gay rights are of great importance to him, and he continues to support the cause. In his home country of Jamaica, Henry witnessed a striking amount of prejudice, both against himself and against others as well. Gareth Henry has had to deal with a large amount of obstacles in Jamaica due to his sexuality, and he believes that, through activism, he can help prevent some other people from experiencing the same things.

If someone has achieved the type of athletic success that Gareth Henry has in the badminton world, then it is important to use that fame as a platform to help affect change. This is exactly what Gareth Henry is doing, and he is making a difference for many individuals in Jamaica. However, he currently needs to live in Canada to safely fight for the values that he holds dear.

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