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David Osio’s Real Estate Company Launches a New Mobile Application

Davos CAP Calculator is a new mobile application launched by Davos Real Estate Group. The application is set to help investors in estimating the return on real estate investment of client’s choice. David Osio, the founder of Davos Real Estate Group, has for years concentrated his effort in financial advice and recently he decided to venture the real estate industry. The executive director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard Gonzalez was a crucial asset in the development of the mobile application. The application was developed using latest technological platforms, and currently, it is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It is designed to incorporate expenses associated with the property enabling an individual to estimate the gain of an investment property.


The application is the first in a series of complementary apps that will have the ability to identify properties through their mobile devices and forward real estate reports to the agent at Davos Real Estate Group through an interactive chat. It is believed that many investors will benefit from this application as it provides clearer financial vision when buying a property. The app can also be used as mortgage calculator allowing clients to estimate mortgages based on interests, funding period and bank projections. The company is also aiming at developing strategic partnerships with international real estate agents to enable them to expand beyond the United States Border to Europe.


About David Osio


David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, which is a financial advisory group of companies. Osio holds a bachelor’s degree in international banking law. He is adequately endowed with skills such as strategic planning, investments, portfolio management, business strategy, finance, asset management, investment banking, and risk management. Moreover, he also specializes in mergers and acquisition, financial modeling, financial analysis, business development, capital markets, leadership, emerging markets and capital markets. Before forming the Davos Financial Group, Osio had served as the vice president of commercial banking at Banco Latino International for four years.


With the experience gained while at Banco Latino International, Osio has managed his company’s growth and expansion. The company has over the years increased income levels, expanded to various geographical areas including Geneva, Lisbon, Miami, Panama City and New York. He has devoted much of his efforts on developing financial services to enable the company to offer customized services that meet the demands of the clients. Through his professional approach, Osio has helped his firm to become a financial hub, which provides quality services.

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Cotemar Mexico and Its Successful Services in the Mexican Energy Industry


Cotemar is no doubt one of the leading service companies in Mexico. Starting small as an accommodation and catering services organization, it has grown to become a force to reckon with in the energy industry.


The firm has in operation for over 37 years. It has grown from offering two lines to offering offshore services to the oil and gas sector. Petroleos Mexicanos is one of the organizations that rely on Cotemar for its gas and oil operations.


Cotemar mission is to provide its customers with the best offshore oil and gas services, effective and efficient processes as well as using technology and success driven personnel to implement them. Besides, the organization intends to grow further and become sustainable and venture in new business segments within the energy industry. It will also increase their production processes, adopt new technology as well as support these process using the latest specialized vessels.


The organization has strong values that dictate and guide their operations. They include:


  • Reliability

Cotemar delivers the expected services to their clients. They promise what they can deliver. They are committed to offering the best results possible.

  • Integrity

Cotemar believes that honesty and trust between them and their customers are paramount. The organization holds that every staff member must observe ethics within and outside the firm to safeguard their reputation and values.

  • Innovation

The firm is committed to investing in new technology to enhance their way of thinking in the process of service delivery. Innovation is important in creating more value for the client, and the company has shown its commitment.

  • Humility

The company believes in respect. They have a positive attitude in their daily activities. This will strengthen the teamwork in the organization thus enhancing service delivery to customers.


Cotemar services are provided in three strategic divisions capable of incorporating advanced specialized services. The company has various market segments notably construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering. Specialized vessels services, as well as accommodation and catering, are the other market segments.


Having skilled employees, values, and top services, Cotemar will continue staying ahead of the competitors in the Mexico energy sector.

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Evolution Of Smooth: Flavors For Any Personality

Honeysuckle Honeydew, Vanilla Mint, and Blackberry Nectar are just some of the flavors the EOS offers to the public. EOS does not use synthetic flavors or flavors not found in nature. For this reason the ingredients used are natural and organic and quite flavorful. These lip balms are Paraben Free, PABA free, and gluten free so they are safe for everyone’s use. Here is the latest flavor list currently offered by

Honeysuckle Honeydew

Vanilla Mint

Coconut Milk

Blackberry Nectar

Lemon Twist with SPF 15

Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30

Vanilla Bean

Blueberry Acai

Passion Fruit

Strawberry Sorbet

Summer Fruit

Sweet Mint

Medicated Tangerine

Pomegranate Raspberry

In addition to the regular EOS flavor list, the company makes limited edition flavors several times a year. These can be purchased in stores like Well and Walmart or on their online shop. eBay( and Amazon sell EOS products too.

Evolution of Smooth was started by three men who were looking to improve an area of the health and beauty market. They noticed that lip balms companies, in particular, have not made any significant advances since the first lip balms were launched on the market. The owners of EOS have radically changed the styling and shape of their containers, how the lip balm is packaged, and the amount and quality of flavors that are being offered.

The owners of EOS have used focus groups and surveys for product development, a move that has proven useful in the selling of the lip balm. Also EOS launches each new flavor on social media to help develop low cost publicity for the product. A move that has more than paid off. Of course, none of this would matter if the product wasn’t as nicely made with quality ingredients as it is.

EOS is a fun, quality lip balm that is worth trying. Here is their list of flavors. Happy exploring!

Jason Hope Starts a Company

There are many people today who are interested in starting their own business. If you want to start a business, you need to have a plan in place for success. Many people struggle because they do not realize all of the demands of owning their own business. Jason Hope has done a great job in this area over the years. Many people are excited about the new companies that he is starting, and he wants to make a major impact on the world with his technology development.

Jason Hope

From the time he was in school, Jason Hope knew that he wanted to own his own business. A lot of people are excited about the changes that he is making in the industry. Not only that, but he is someone who is ready to develop new technology sources for others. One of the things that he differentiates himself from others on is how he treats employees. He is always willing to help other people when it comes to getting more education for their career. This is especially important in the technology industry. Employees are willing to stay with him longer because of how well he treats them. This reduces costs on turnover and allows him to invest the savings back into product development.

Next Steps

In the coming years, Jason Hope wants to continue to innovate and drive value for customers. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that he is planning to make for the future. He knows what it takes to run a business the right way. With all of his experience, he has done a great job of getting companies to a profitable level. If you want to learn how to run a business, Jason Hope is a great person to learn from because he has had success in this area.

How Does An Entrepreneur Find Assistance With Marc Sparks?

According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks is known as a serial entrepreneur who has worked in several different areas of the business world, and he offers his expertise to quite a few who are in need of help.

There are thousands of great ideas around America that may receive funding, and Marc knows the business owners often do not have the funds they need, and he wishes to show them to the world where they may become popular. This article offers an explanation of how a new business may find its prestige when it comes to the Spark Tank.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of The Spark Tank?

The Spark Tank is a simple competition that brings new ideas together, and there are several contestants who may enter at any time to vie for funding. Marc and his team will help read all the proposals for the competition, and they choose the finest of each.

It is quite important that every contestant receives the press that comes along with inclusion in the Spark Tank, and they will feel a sense of accomplishment when they are featured.

#2: What Does Marc Do For Contestants?

Marc is an entrepreneur who understands how to bring products to the public that will sell. He has worked with quite a lot of different businesses, and he wishes to help every business find a way to catch a new customer.

Customers who are interested in the products from the contestants may visit the companies to buy, and they will help improve the profile of the company before the Spark Tank ends.

Marc helps his contestants learn how to structure their businesses, and he helps them create something that is easy to manage. He wishes to see each contestant see success, and there is one lucky contestant who is given the funding they need for their business.

#3: How Is The Spark Tank Marketed?

Users across the Internet are allowed to see the contestants on the Spark Tank at any time, and they will learn quickly which they prefer. They will vote for the companies and ideas they believe in most, and they will share the contestants with others around the globe. The Internet is a lovely place to market, and Marc helps his contestants share as much as possible before the voting ends.

The Spark Tank helps everyone looking for the funding and popularity they need for their products, and he has created something of a competition that will help every idea find its market.

Someone who wishes to learn about entrepreneurship will find quite a lot of information about the business when they meet Marc Sparks. He will support them, and his Spark Tank competition will change the lives of every entrant.

Online Reputation Management Is Beneficial

Are you searching for a reliable online reputation management system? Want to provide powerful protection against online threats and attacks? There are many good Online Reputation Reviews and managing teams that can help you track conversations about your brand and respond appropriately.

The net could be a stormy place. There are an incredible number of angles that can be approached from. Online reputation management accepts that concept and strives to keep the tide flowing in a positive direction. Evaluations and criticism can appear from about anywhere. Whether or not it has a negative affect on an organization or site will certainly boil down to public perception.

Businesses and people have actually constantly been worried about protecting their reputation, but the issue has ended up being specifically severe with the introduction of the Internet. The irreversible storage of material and substantial quantity of information suggests that people can discover old and occasionally suspect information that might damage a reputation. Companies and professionals that take part in reputation management make use of a variety of methods to maintain a favorable image of their client.

Reputation management includes keeping track of the Internet for any type of brand-new conversations and reviews about an individual, company, brand, product, or service. Any time a mention shows up, it is checked to figure out whether it is neutral, or unfavorable. Unfavorable conversations are resolved in a variety of ways, ranging from trying to have negative content eliminated to advertising favorable web content to making sure that the negative web content drops in search positions. The goal is to guarantee that positive web content stays on top of search results pages, while negative content gets suppressed.

Tracking and managing online credibility could be a tedious project. Thankfully, there are professionals that can assist small company proprietors and others who need expert service. Businesses are recognizing that someone is going to handle their track record, and they rely on reputation management experts. It is extremely important that you take control of your online reputation. Look for a a company that has a team of experienced reputation management professionals.


Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Communicate With Family During Christmas

For inmates at correction facilities, a holiday season can be a tough time because they cannot be near their family and friends. However, during the Christmas holiday season, it is much tougher than at other times. The main reason is because Christmas is a special time of the year.


Christmas holds memories for people both young and old. Inmates have memories that only come up during Christmas time. Usually during the Christmas season, inmates want to see family and friends. This is typically hard to do because it is difficult for love ones to come visit inmates in correction facilities.


A way that correction facilities have been helping inmates to communicate with family during any time of the year, but especially during the holidays is through technology provided by outside companies. The technology allows inmates to call family and friends to talk. While this technology is great, what many inmates want during the Christmas holiday season is to actually see their family. Talking is good but actually seeing family is even better.


The situation that inmates are in prevent them from being able to go see family during Christmas and family coming to visit inmates is sometimes very difficult. As an alternative, Securus Technologies is providing inmates with technology that will allow them to see and talk to family during Christmas. The technology is called video visitation technology. It was developed by Securus Technologies. The technology gives inmates or other people in a situation where they cannot visit people the opportunity to talk to people and see the people at the same time.


The technology works by making a link between the inmates at the correction facilities and their family members. Once the link is made, the inmates can see and talk to their family with the video technology. The technology provides a real time conversation and the audio and video provides an excellent communication experience.


I believe that the technology provided by Securus Technologies will give many inmates and their family a chance to share special moments during Christmas. Inmates being able to see and talk to family in real time is a great way to bring the families closer together.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that serves a variety of business markets. The company is a leader in communication technology. Securus Technologies provides a variety of communication products and services to correction facilities to help inmates communicate with family and friends.



Top UK Vintners Provide A Glimpse Into The Top Holiday Wines

The top UK vintners have been performing their duties for hundreds of years across the world for clients who now largely look to complete their orders over the Internet in the 21st century. The Holiday season is always a time when UK Vintners see a large rise in the number of orders they receive as individuals, groups, and businesses look to source the best wines as gifts and integral parts of any celebration; UKV PLC has recently looked to ease the burden of choosing wine for the festive period by producing a list of the best wines available from UK Vintners towards the close of 2016.

UKV PLC is one of the best known vintners in the U.K. because of the vast knowledge of the wine experts who help every client get the best possible wine available in each order; the needs of every client are always at the top of the list for UKV PLC as experts are always willing to discuss orders over the phone, via Online messaging, or in person. Despite building relationships with many of the top wine producers from around the world UKV PLC maintains guards its independent nature in a bid to make sure every wine needed can be sourced free of interference.

The range of wines sourced by UKV PLC are easy to see in their top Holiday season list, which includes both red and white wines that will make sure the festive season passes off in the best possible way. The Holidays are usually associated with red wines, but UKV PLC recommend the white D’Yquem 2009 that makes an excellent accompaniment to any festive dessert. Fruity flavors and aromas that reflect the Holiday season in the form of cranberries and raspberries within the 2008 Beychevelle that is at its best during the first 15 years after it has been bottled.

Blended wines always make any party pass off in the best way as they are generally easy to drink and appeal to a range of individuals, excellent blended wines include the Montrose 1998 that is created from a range of Merlot grapes; a second option in blended Holiday wine that can be enjoyed over the Holiday season is the 1998 Pichon Baron that has a sweet flavor perfect for the festive season. Finally, UKV PLC recommends the deep purple color of the 2005 Ducru Beaucaillou that has finally reached the perfect maturity level to be enjoyed to its maximum potential.

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