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Todd Lubar: A Prosperous Businessman

Todd Lubar is the Senior VP of Legendary Investments and also the Head at TDL Global Ventures and LLC. Currently, he is in the property development business where he has worked for more than two decades. He is also a business person and an entrepreneur. He has also worked in other industries like entertainment but has his heart in helping the society and other business people to come to success.

In an interview, he said the idea to come up with Global Ventures was from working in the economics industry. It is where he realized he needed to assist those in need. He had to come up with a method to remove the hindrance that prevents people from getting credit. He started a program where clients get their needs fulfilled. See,

Todd Lubar says he starts his day by having breakfast with his family. Afterward, he checks his email and Google’s news before heading off to work. His time is then in perspective because of the news which helps he set his priorities. He also works out daily so as to clear his mind. He continues to say that his ideas became a reality because he had the will to make it work.

He says that he gets excites him is developing technology that is remote controlled in homes and also says that it is wonderful to do things using technology. He says that being informed about what’s is going on at each level of his business is what makes him productive as an entrepreneur.

He previously ran a grocery for almost a year but his disliked it after he had learned it was not his thing. If he were to go over again, he would choose his close friend careful so as to have only those who challenge and motivate him. He says it is important to constantly remember your goals and also work extremely had because it will take you far.

He says encouraging a tradition of communicating with trust and honest is one strategy that aided his business to grow. He brings to light a failure he had where he had a deal stale and took him back to the start. He says that there is still an industry to surface and become a place where people will get everything the need.

He jokes that his Fitbit is the one thing he spent wisely with $100 because it almost does everything for him. He uses software and online services that he has developed with the help of designers. He recommends the community to read “The Magic of Thinking Big” because it advises on how to get most out of your business. Check out his website at

How To Remove Negative Reviews

Have you searched your company’s name or your name online? Do you know what information people are presented with when they look up your name? Perhaps you’d like to have a reliable online reputation management system in order to track conversations and handle reputation issues appropriately.

If you don’t like what you see when you search your name or your company, you need to get it removed as soon as possible. Having negative search results can be damaging to your online image and can have a devastating effect on your business. In order to achieve the success you desire, it is extremely important to take the right steps in removing derogatory content about your organization.

Handling reputation issues is not an easy matter. In fact, the process can be tedious and time consuming and requires the assistance of the professionals. Online reputation management professionals, with their top notch tools and resources, can effectively render the services you need to maintain an impressive image online.

According to experts, the most effective or permanent way to get rid of negative search from the search engine is to have it completely removed. You’ll need to take steps to remove the link so that it doesn’t exists in the search engine anymore and therefore cannot show up on the Internet. Once the link is removed, you’re done, but it takes great expertise to get this done. Only knowledgeable professionals can accomplish this task.

There also other ways to go about ensuring that negative content does not show up when people search your name. You can create high quality content that portrays you in a positive light, and then publish it online. By creating consistently publishing helpful, positive content you will eventually suppress negative content to where they cannot be seen by Internet users. This is one of the strategies used by many businesses and entrepreneurs to push down bad press, overwhelm derogatory remarks and negative feedback.

Online reputation management professionals have a good understanding of the process involved in building a good reputation and repairing damaged reputation and know what strategies will be suitable for your particular situation.

How Brad Reifler Achieved Success

Brad Reifler has a lot of experience as a highly successful entrepreneur as well as an investor. He has tasted success with a number of companies that are located in the United States. He is the founder of Forefront Capital, LLC.

It was in the early 80s that he started his professional career by founding the Reifler Trading Company. It was a firm that was dealing with managing a lot of money in discretionary accounts. It gradually evolved and moved into institutional research in addition to information dissemination.

The firm started dealing in the derivative advisory as well as execution services globally. It soon became a large independent operations company. Brad Reifler sold this company to Refco Inc. in 2000.

Meanwhile, he was also expanding his knowledge and skills in financial services. This made him into a professional who was being trusted globally. It was in 1995 that he founded Pali Capital. This was a sell side dealer focused only on the equity market.

He was able to capture the hedge fund expansion by creating a highly differentiated strategy. Rather than advising the funds about what to buy and what to sell, he combined research along with credit analysis as well as derivative structures. Now he started teaching the sales traders how they could make use of this complete strategy and execute it too.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler was the CEO of Pali Capital for 13 years and helped it to attain staggering growth. The company earned more than $1 billion as income from commissions alone. It had nearly 300 people with offices spread over four continents.

Presently he is focused on Forefront Capital, LLC. It has a number of subsidiaries that include Forefront Advisory, LLC as well as Forefront Partners. This keeps him busy since he is the founder as well as CEO of this company which he started in 2009.

Even here, Brad Reifler has been successful since he has able to create a product offering that was highly differentiated.

This is a company that has managed to attract investment advisers as well as top investment bankers along with business leaders. An important aspect here is The Forefront Community. The principles of Forefront have attracted top business leaders. It offers unique opportunities through its Community.

Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Dick DeVos Gives with Goals in Mind

Dick DeVos was known to me for his formation of the Windquest Group and its environmental mindfulness, his large hand in politics, and mostly for his wife, Betsie. Unknown to me until recently, was that he and the rest of his close family are also heavy philanthropists, giving nearly 139 million dollars throughout their lifetimes in charitable donations. Former CEO of Orlando Magic NBA basketball team and once President of his father’s company Amway, Dick DeVos donated close 11.6 million dollars in the year 2015 alone. A trend I have picked up on in his giving is that he often is very particular in how the money is used to ensure it is spent in an effective and lasting way.


The largest category to which DeVos contributes is education and education reform, attributing to 29% of his charitable contributions in 2015. He donates with the intent of better providing the high-quality education students deserve and trying to break down the barriers that coming from a more impoverished area may have. In 2010, Dick launched the first ever aviation-themed charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy with the idea of equal opportunity education in mind. It gives the surrounding 7 counties an opportunity to have their children study STEM, aeronautical engineering, and robotics by attending the academy. This gives the students skills valued in the job market, among the last graduating class there were even 15 newly licensed pilots. A marked 40% of students are minorities, and a third of students are considered economically disadvantaged. DeVos is happy with the amazing 86% graduation rate but is more intent on providing a positive change in the students’ lives and meeting the many standards of the parents.


Dick and his wife also place great importance on arts and culture, together donating 22 million in order to build and launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management in Maryland. This was done with the intent of aiding in the future of the diverse global arts community, as they believe it is dependent on having quality arts management. I am amazed that they have taken such care in such an often forgotten area. Dick also made a donation to the Spectrum Health Foundation with the stipulation that it be used to recruit a top physician and researcher in childhood cancers for the Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital. A notable increase was observed in the survival rate of those treated there for childhood brain cancer with the obtainment of this physician. Dick DeVos does not give for the sake of giving but with a clear intention and long-term goals in mind.


Adam Goldenberg Rebrands TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder and co-CEO of Just Fabulous in 2010 together with his partner Don Ressler. He has been operating in the business since he was 15 years old when he founded his first company, the Gamers Alliance. Adam then sold his company to Intermix Media and became its Chief Operating Officer at the age of 20. At Intermix Media that he met Don Ressler, his current partner in business. After the acquisition of Intermix Media by News Corporation, the two decided to launch their Intelligent Beauty in 2006. Mr. Goldenberg has six years of experience in management, and development of products as well as internet marketing.



Intelligent Beauty



Intelligent Beauty is an e-commerce consumer brand with that deals with the health and beauty products. They developed various brands including DERMSTORE (online one stop shop for cosmetics and skin care products) and SENSA (a weight loss system). After research on the global markets, Adam and Don decided to start an online fashion brand. They hired consultants and designers who would work together in realizing the company’s goal in addition to creating an online platform for their members to make subscriptions. Their efforts contributed to the birth of JustFab.



About JustFab



JustFab is a fashion line founded with the aim of developing high-quality brands. It is a parent company to FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. Buyers at JustFab require a membership subscription of $39.95 every month. They have approximately 40 million VIP members in the U.S, U.K, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Canada. The company gives a wide variety of products ranging from shoes, bags, and accessories in addition to the style tips that they demonstrate on models. JustFab distributes their products to their customers globally through their online stores. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have led the company into $650 net worth of revenue in 2016 financial year.



Adam Goldenberg on CNBC



Adam Goldenberg announced recently that the data-driven fashion company had changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. In an interview with CNBC, Mr. Goldenberg stated that the company had experienced growth from a small-scale e-commerce site into in international brand. Therefore, it will be rebranding and upgrading their system from their original goal, which was providing trendy fashion to the customers. The company will now focus on running their fashion brand that through data, personalization, and vertical integration. The TechStyle brand has also improved their customers care services aimed at giving their customers satisfactory results.

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