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Rocketship Education on the move to provide quality studies


Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education to low-class earners. The institution has since expanded its services by developing different schools that operate in the same manner. Currently, the institution has around 25 schools that do things the same way and run on the same curriculum. Currently, the Rocketship education has expanded this influence in different states with the headquarters being located in California.

Improving the quality of education

Elementary school children have always been taught fundamental knowledge. The children get a formal training that pushes them to a specific life in their future. Rocketship operates differently. The focus is to ensure that the children develop with the requirements of education and market expectation. The children are not only taught on formal curriculum, but also on physical and mental development. The process of education is improved as the children have an early understanding of technology.

Innovation and education

The world is moving fast on technology. Rocketship ensures that the students are trained on the emerging issue from their childhood. It is the first institution to embrace online studies using the different software according to the level of learning. With this training, the institution has produced innovative children who have an independent thinking from their childhood.

Financial support

Because of their contribution to the society, Rocketship schools have received a lot of financial support from several individuals and organizations. The institution has received massive support from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is in the process of building more infrastructures. Bill and Melinda Foundation has equally contributed to the course of education. The administration of the former president Barrack Obama supported the course of the institution in the provision of quality education.

Parental support and involvement

Since the elementary children come from different families, it is important to engage their parents. The children have different focuses and abilities which need to be cultivated. The parents are involved in the process of vetting new teachers so as to get something that would be safe for their children. Through their representatives, the parents have to be included in all the important decisions made in the school.


Securus Technologies Helping to Solve Cold Cases

When I am asked to close a cold case before a certain date, that means me and my team of investigators have to put everything else on hold and really focus our attention on one thing. This month we were asked to try and help collect evidence in a case where the only suspect may be getting out of jail on unrelated charges. While the investigation of the initial crime was still ongoing, this suspect was about to walk after serving a year on another crime.


Knowing this suspect was most likely on best behavior while in prison, we didn’t think we could get his family to help us with the evidence in the first crime. One thing that I know better than anything in this business is that criminals love to brag about their crimes, especially when they have gotten away with something and think they need to bring attention to their brilliance. If we were going to get our evidence, we needed to head to the jail to see if we could rattle the cages.


We made sure to let our suspect know that we were in the jail talking about him, and even approached him about answering some questions about the cold case. He denied us the request, then headed off to his cell. Since Securus Technologies installed the inmate telephone monitoring system, we knew if the suspect ran to the phones, we could listen in to his conversations. Securus Technologies is in over 2,400 prison systems around the country, and the company objective is making the world safe for all.


When the suspect got to the phones, he began berating his sister to make sure she took care of something because the heat was on. Before she could do anything, we had a team on her to collect the evidence she was trying to hide.


Jose Henrique Borghi-Mullen Lowe Bringing Brands to Life

José Henrique Borghi is an accomplished advertising executive and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil. His brilliant advertising campaigns and creativity set him at the top of the advertising world. Many of his campaigns are still remembered in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Brazil. His most coveted advertising campaigns was that of the Sazon brand entitled “It Is The Love” and “Parmalat Mammals”. Throughout his career he has dedicated his life to giving his clients top-notch advertising campaigns for their brands.

Jose Henrique Borghi began his career at Standart Oglilvy as a copywriter in 1988. He also held several esteemed positions of President and Vice President of Creation at Leo Burnett and Talent. prior to that post he worked at several reputable agencies such as DM9, DDB and FCB.

After entering into a partnership with Erh Ray, they formed the company BorgiErh. In 2006 their company was purchased by Lowe Company and Jose Henrique Borghi and his partner Erh Ray became President and Co-Chief Executive Officers. Through national and international recognition Lowe and Partners merged with The Mullen Group to become Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Jose Henrique Borghi has captured several top advertising awards throughout his career. His accolades include 7 London Festival awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 14 Cannes Film Festival Awards and 10 Clio Awards. He continues to invent new advertising campaigns for top brands such as Harley-Davidson, Casa & Video, and TRESemme’ and learn more about Jose Borghi.

Jose graduated with honors from Pontifical Catholic University with a Bachelor Degree in Advertising.

You can learn more about Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe Advertising and how they bring brands to life at

Investment tips to look out for as explained by Lori Senecal

Advertising your business is one of the major requirements to make it famous and attract more customers. According to a business expert Lori Senecal, an investor should create videos and images to that are unique and those who stand out among many in the full advertisement industry. The highly skilled business leader is an expert in the creative and digital marketing industries, and thus you should be keen to use her advice in the field. Besides, Lori Senecal is currently the chief executive officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky LLC. She encourages investors to use intense colors when it comes to advertising as well as unique tactics that are likely to attract more clients. Visit LinkedIn for more details.

Senecal`s primary roles include overseeing the expansion of the company and its operations. She also manages the coordination of the firm’s nine international offices and focuses on the growth as well as the development of the enterprise. Through her experience and expertise, Lori has seen a tremendous growth of CP + B Company regarding its business operations and its culture. She has helped to transform it into a new global agency that is inventive and collaborative and that which offers consistent services that are strong both internationally and also in the local market. Check out Salary to know more.

In addition to that, she has led the company to its fame and recognition in the advertising age through the creative innovators of the year. She has also had many achievements in her work including her being named the most prolific executive to watch out for in the year 2016. In addition to that, Senecal is also a great promoter, and she recently played a significant role in helping and empowering three marketing executives. She has worked hard towards bringing the three women together according to Karen the VP of national advertising for Domino`s Pizza. Besides, she encourages investors to be friendly and straight forward when addressing customers as that makes them happy and willing to part of their investment. She also believes in the importance of working together as a team to accomplish business goals. You can subscribe on her YouTube account.

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Eric Lefkofsky switches from cancer philanthropist to cancer innovator

Eric Lefkofsky is famous the nation over as one of the key figures behind the highly innovative volume-discount giant Groupon. But he also became known for his magnanimity giving to cancer research. Over the course of the last decade, Lefkofsky has been one of the most prominent and lucrative donors to the cancer research establishment, with tens of millions of dollars having been given away in most years.

But when Lefkofksy’s own wife was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, the reality of that horrible disease hit closer to home.Lefkofksy often accompanied his wife to her appointments with physicians and oncologists. As difficult as it was to deal with a loved one who had just received a cancer diagnosis, Lefkofsky became even more distraught when he realized that many of the oncologists who were charged with treating his wife’s potentially deadly condition had less access to good data than most of the nation’s truck drivers. This Lefkofsky experience made his realize there was vast room for improvement in the ways that oncologists can access and are presented with data.

He began researching the problem on his own time. He realized that, with the advent of modern, cheap genome sequencing, there is a vast trove of untapped data that can be potentially used to customize treatment regimens for cancer patients. Shortly thereafter, he founded Tempus, a company dedicated to creating systems for the collection, distribution and analysis of oncological and genomic data.

Eric Lefkofsky believes that the current model of treating cancer patients will soon be rendered obsolete by the ability of oncologists to formulate patient-tailored treatment regimens. Eric Lefkosfky states that, within just ten years, the average human genome will be able to be sequenced for just a few hundred dollars. This will create a vast reserve of powerful data that can be used to maximize individual patient outcomes.

Lefkofksy notes that today, most patients with any given type of cancer receive essentially the same treatment as all other patients suffering from that same form. With custom treatment regimens, oncologists will be able to take into account the genetic makeup of their patients, comorbidities and a whole host of other factors to design precisely the right regimen.

What To Expect From A Traveling Vineyard

All About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard offers in-home wine tasting. This is a company that has the mission to ‘share their love of good wine with the world.’ Traveling Vineyard began in 2001. They are a company that has leveraged their knowledge of wine with their passion for community. The individuals who are Wine Guides bring an enjoyable and relaxing experience to the home. This is an experience that can educate those who are at the wine tasting about the nuances of wine.

Traveling Vineyard offers individuals, families, and friends the opportunity to become wine enthusiast without leaving the home environment. There are a variety of people who may want to know more about wine, but they may not want to have to go to a vineyard or a wine store in order to do a wine tasting. These are individuals who would like to get together with family and friends for an enjoyable night at home while wine tasting.

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What Norcal News Says About Napa Valley

Norcal news recently did an article about how to visit Napa lake and it offered a Traveling Vineyard wine guide. In the article, they spoke of a variety of activities that an individual can enjoy while visiting Napa Valley.

Even though Napa Valley is known for its wine, there are unpaved roads of entertainment that any tourist can enjoy. Napa Valley has the amazing The Napa Art Walk. This is a popular exhibition that has the work of different creative individuals from all around the United States. This walk features sculptures and paintings.

For those individuals who are history enthusiast, Napa Valley offers the Napa Valley historical Society. This is an organization that has pieces of Napa Valley’s past and it allows the public to sign up for local event such as tours lectures from historians that will give an eye-opening and enriching experience.

Do It All In Napa Valley

Unforgettable experiences await in Napa Valley. Large amounts of individuals come to Napa Valley in order to taste Napa’s award-winning wine. It is good to know that apart from going to different vineyards, tourist have the option to get in-home wine tasting.

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