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Ricardo Tosto: Getting Business Advice From A Reputable Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho runs a reputable law firm and is committed to providing excellent service. Ricardo Tosto is proud of the strong relationships that he has with his clients, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been providing services to businesses and entrepreneurs for many years and is fully aware of how to address their legal issues. As a leading business and corporate lawyer in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho caters to many different clients throughout the nation.

Many business owners and company managers hesitate to have a lawyer on retainer, which is a great mistake. Legal issues can be tough to deal with and a well experienced lawyer can save you time and help avoid frustration.

It is not a good idea to wait until you encounter a legal problem. A business lawyer can advice and guide you as you run your business. The services of a renowned attorney can you to stay out of legal trouble and ensure that you comply with the law. You need to perform your research and select the right attorney for your needs, and his Linkedin.

Complex business litigation requires the lawyer to be able to take a complex legal issue and then present it in easy to understand terms that the court can follow. It requires a competent lawyer. That’s where Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes in – to provide you with the best possible legal representation in your case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is regularly called upon to represent and advise his clients on a wide variety of legal issues. Ricardo Tosto works diligently to resolve his business clients’ legal problems. His knowledge and expertise are a valuable resource to his clients, and

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is committed to helping clients resolve legal problems that arise in their businesses. Ricardo Tosto makes the client feel the benefits of personalized service.

Whether his clients need him to guide them in negotiating an agreement, drafting a contract, dealing with employment issues, handling a taxation matter, Ricardo Tosto stands prepared to provide the service, and read full article.

Jason Hope keeps his Eye to the Future

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and businessman currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His focus is on technology that adds to the quality of life and the sustainable future of Arizona communities. He is considered to be an American Futurist because of his advanced thinking and dedication to his vision of the future. Mr. Hope’s career is that of developing and marketing applications, and gaming and software technologies.

Hopes educational background includes earning a degree if Finance from Arizona State University and a Marketing of Business Administration (MBA) from the W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. His education is partly responsible for his interest in maintaining a connection between people and technology.

He advocates for and fully supports an open Internet. The Internet should be accessible to all no matter who the end user is or the source of information. The Internet should not be regulated by any one particular entity. Without net neutrality, advances with social media would not have been possible. A passion for Jason Hope is the Internet of Things. Futuristic in nature, it is a concept that will connect everyday objects to the Internet’s connectivity and allowing them to transfer data. It is Hope’s vision that the Internet of Things will become a leading force for the future as more and more objects are connected and have the ability to send and receive data while serving the needs of people.

Jason Hope is an advocate of future technologies. He has an interest in biotechnology and its advancement. His philanthropic efforts have helped to fund the AGE-Breaker laboratory of the SENS Foundation. The group is committed to providing research and eventual cures for age related illnesses. He supports research that challenges the modern school of thought in order to break down barriers preventing innovative thought to develop other ways to treat and someday prevent diseases that causes the body to break down and age faster than it should.

Hope’s futuristic approach is to provide high school seniors and college innovators with start-up money. This will help the next generation of entrepreneurs with their pursuit of science and technology innovations. Jason Hope also serves as a mentor for high school students, as well as developing grant programs.

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Dr. Saad: Offering Expertise In Surgery After Retirement

Most surgeons seek to establish a good practice for themselves so that they can earn well and support them and their families, but to Dr. Saad, that was only the base of the goals that he wanted to pursue. He is a world-renowned surgeon who has worked with thousands of patients, offering them his expertise in surgical procedures. In addition to his practice, he also travels the world, offering medical care and surgeries to patients who are suffering from complex diseases or disorders and can’t seek proper treatment from the doctors living in their country.



Dr. Saad was born in Palestine and moved to the UAE when he was just a young boy. He grew up alongside eight brothers and sisters, all of which who grew up to be incredibly successful in their respective fields. Dr. Saad always had big dreams and wanted to become a doctor at a young age. He was one of the few members in the family that didn’t go into the real estate or construction business, but nevertheless, was supported entirely by every member of the family.



Dr. Saad has always been an avid traveler. He moved to Egypt when he wanted to study medicine, and after that, moved to the UK to work. He was employed at one of the city’s top hospitals and worked as a surgical resident there. Pediatrics was always something that interested him, and he saw it as a viable career path that he can take to reach the top of the sector. As he worked more and more, he expanded his pool of knowledge to become one of the more notable names in his field. He is requested all over the world to come to conduct surgeries in respective countries that are complex and highly risk-oriented. Because of the work that he does, he has managed to save the lives of thousands of children all over the globe. Learn more:



In addition to offering his expertise and services, Dr. Saad also stands as the head of several notable medical institutions. In the past, he stood as the Chief of Surgery at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. He also served as the medical director of the institution before he decided to retire. He is also a part of several medical organizations like the Pediatric Surgeons of America and other well-known organizations which are considered to be top tier in the field. He has also been able to contribute to these organizations, offering his insight and expertise to its members and other surgeons who are registered with them.



Now, having retired from the field, Dr. Saad continues to work in research and finding new surgical techniques for the treatment of patients with a range of medical disorders.

Boraie Visionary Real Estate Developer

Omar Boraie is the president of Boraie Development LLC a real estate development company located in New Brunswick, NJ. The company has implemented a new project in New Brunswick and has constructed many buildings including residential complexes and office buildings. His buildings are located in New Brunswick and are a part of the vision that Boraie had for many years.


Boraie had humble beginnings and immigrated to the United States from Egypt over 40 years ago. He has now become a leader in real estate development. His projects include The Aspire a 238-residential unit in New Brunswick, NJ, One Rector Street in Newark, NJ and The Estates at Waverly Place a private estate in Montgomery, NJ. He has also developed The Beach at South Inlet a beachfront residential property in Atlantic City, NJ. He has partnered with influential financial institutions, architects, and contractors to help build his properties. For more details visit Crunchbase.


In addition, Omar Boraie has constructed commercial properties that include the Albany Street Plaza and 390 George Street a 60,000 square feet office building. He has developed the Millton Ford Avenue Redevelopment and One Spring Street a 25-story luxury building with 121 homeownership residences. He has been a major developer in the New Brunswick and is dedicated to ensuring its success.


Furthermore, he has built Cityplex 12 which is a state of the art movie theatre. It has 12 screens with and is the first privately owned urban movie theatre. He partnered with Goldman Sachs and Shaquille O’Neal to complete this project. He saw the potential of New Brunswick in the 1970’s when the neighborhood was in poor condition. He believed in rehabilitating and investing in the area.


When New Brunswick was a neglected neighborhood, Boraie began buying vacant buildings. His friends and family thought he was making a bad investment, but he knew that he was not. Eventually, he bought 21 buildings and took his plan to the city. His vision brought the city into a new dimension and it is now a prospering community. The development of luxury buildings, office spaces, and entertainment centers that have changed the face of New Brunswick.


Since Boraie believed in a bright future for New Brunswick, it is now a bustling city with a flourishing community. His plan paid off and making him a successful real estate investor. It is a good thing that he decided to change the neighborhood for the better.





Shiraz Boghani – Hospitality Is The Life

The Company

Splendid Hospitality Group is a family operated hotel business. The Splendid Hospitality Group is known for their ability to give their guest an experience of a life time. In addition, the company believes in the community and in their staff. Their motto is, “to treat everyone like family.” The group is one of U.K. fastest growing companies in the hospitality business. Splendid’s market range from mid-scale to luxury; and their hotels span from London to Scotland. The Chairman, Shiraz Boghani, of the Splendid Hospitality Group uses his extensive 30 years of experience the hospitality business to push Splendid Hospitality Group above and beyond other organizations in this field.

A Key Figure Behind the Business

Shiraz Boghani is the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He recently received the Asian Business Award for Hotelier of the year in 2016. With Shiraz Boghani at the helm the Splendid Hospitality Group was the first to develop projects and brand hotels in London. Shiraz Boghani has spearheaded many different projects and has gain much growth potential for the company. Because of Shiraz Boghani’s entrepreneurial spirit; Splendid Hospitality Group now has 20 trading hotels ranging from the Hilton London Bankside to the Holiday Inn Wembley.

Shiraz Boghani – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

In addition to being the Chairman and Director of Splendid Hospitality Group, Boghani is also the co-founder of Sussex Health Care. This shows how much Shiraz Boghani believes in charities and working with the community. Besides being a board member and serving as an entrepreneur; Shiraz Boghani is a part of multiple community steered organizations, such as the Ismali Community and the National Conciliation and Arbitration Resource Development group.

As the co-founder of the Sussex Health Care; Shiraz Boghani has generated over 18 care homes that focus on assisting terminally ill, mentally ill, and the elderly. His charitable accolades knows no bounds, he has been apart of countless charities in the community and abroad. He is a long time supporter of Aga Khan Foundation in the U.K. and the Aga Khan Development Network, which is worldwide. Shiraz Boghani is also a founding partner and Chairman of the Sojourn Hotels LLP group. Boghani is truly a man of standards, of pride, and of a charitable spirit.


The Renowned Lawyer from New York City- Jeremy L. Goldstein

About Jeremy L. Goldstein


Jeremy L. Goldstein is the founder and a partner of a boutique law firm known as the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm specializes in matters of corporate governance, corporations’ executive repayment, and counselling on compensation committees. Moreover, Goldstein is a graduate of New York University of law; he also studied at the University of Chicago and Cornell University as well. What’s more, Goldstein had also served as a partner at Winchell, Lipton, and Rosen & Katz law firm among others before he established his boutique law firm.


Further, Goldstein has been in the law practice for quite some time whereby he is based in New York. He is a respected lawyer who has worked with various large companies in multiple sectors including petroleum companies, the banking sector, and stockholder organizations. Again, as an expert in the law practicing of compensation, he has been able to advise his clients accordingly on issues of payment and monetary legality. Equally important, the renowned lawyer is listed among the top in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and Legal 500.


Goldstein’s Recommendations on Employment Incentives


As a corporate governance law practitioner, Jeremy L. Goldstein has worked with several large entities such as Verizon, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. He has been involved with the companies as a law advisor on matters of employee Earnings per Share. While it is crucial for businesses to create sustainability in their expenditure, Goldstein believes that it is also essential to consider employment initiatives. Ignoring the same can harm the corporates as it would potentially cause wrangles from the employees together with the long-term investors. It is at this point where Goldstein comes in to save the situation by offering corporates the first-hand information about the value incentives and Earnings per Share (EPS) in accordance with the law.


Furthermore, Goldstein recommends the need to have incentive programs and performance-based rewards to boost productivity. With the stock price being dictated by EPS, companies gear their efforts to increase the funds to result in a win-win situation. In fact, the most successful companies have been attributed to having adopted the EPS system in the final payment of their employees. Notably, the stock price is what motivates the shareholders to acquire shares and therefore it is essential for corporates to raise its EPS for their employees depending on stock trade.


Additionally, some critics argue that the EPS metrics is for short-term profitability and that the reward systems used are unreliable as they are ever- changing. Again, Larry Fink, an expert in metrics states that both the company and employee stand to lose. It is for this reason, Jeremy L. Goldstein advocates for both parties (anti-EPS and pro-EPS) to reach a consensus and hold the company’s management responsible for their actions. This will consequently make the corporates to operate sustainable businesses along with the increase of the share growth. Learn more:


Whitney Wolfe Herd Ensuring Users Have Seamless Experience with Bumble

If you are looking for a partner to start a relationship, then the dating apps and sites out there can help you tremendously. It has become much more comfortable for people these days to meet like-minded singles through the dating apps these days. One of the dating apps that have been getting very popular among the people these days is Bumble, which was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2015. The app is feminist per se as it has this unique feature, which allows women to make the first move or in other words, contact the male members. The male members at Bumble can go through the profile of women but have to wait for the women to contact them first. It is only after the women have made the initial contact can the male members take the conversation further.

Whitney Wolfe Herd narrated her entire story about how the Bumble came into being in a recent article. She said that the experiences she had with dating apps herself are also one of the reasons why she wanted that at Bumble, women be the one who should contact the men first. It would help in avoiding the bullying and abuse, which has become a part of the common culture at most of the dating apps. Women have to face the humiliation of being sent unwanted pictures and vulgar messages, which makes a date finding the experience at the dating apps, somewhat distasteful and even humiliating at times. With the ability to be able to contact first, Whitney Wolfe aims to ensure that women are in control and as per the reports; the users have appreciated the idea as well. The app’s member base is growing at a tremendous speed and has already touched the 12 million mark.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is considered one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the world of technology today and has featured in some of the most reputed and popular magazines in the world, including Wired UK, Forbes, and Fast Company. Whitney Wolfe Herd is determined to take Bumble to new heights of success as its CEO and has already mentioned in some of her interviews that many developments are in progress, and would be introduced to the world soon. If you are using Bumble, or plan to use it, rest assured your experience with Bumble is going to get better and more seamless with time.

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Todd Lubar and Smart Real Estate Investing

To be in any enterprise for twenty straight years takes skill and determination. Business has its ups and downs. As they say, what does not kill you makes you stronger. In the process, we learn from our mistakes, and we get better at whatever the business happens to be. Thus after two decades, Mr. Todd Lubar, an experienced real estate investor, has become an expert at executing real estate deals in Baltimore, Maryland.


Mr. Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995. His first career after college was in the mortgage business. He did very well in that field. However, he developed an interest in the other side of the deals he was arranging for his clients. The entrepreneurial spirit in him came alive, and so he became a real estate investor. Today his company, TDL Global Ventures, specializes in acquiring undervalued distressed properties in Baltimore. They then refurbish these homes and put them on the market.


Mr. Lubar has positioned his business very well. Baltimore is a city in need of his services as millennials are today flocking to it for all that “Charm City” has to offer. Todd Lubar understands that cost and proximity to Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, are the magnets attracting many of these young people. Mr. Lubar also recognizes that the millennials are big on tech. As such, he has gone beyond routine repairs and replacements. His new restorations include smart home technology, gadgets which allow homeowners to control their abodes from their iPhones or any other internet access device. You can visit Medium to see more.


According to Patch, the real estate investment business can be very tricky, but Mr. Lubar would advise that it is not as challenging when you pay close attention. The details are what can make or break you. You have to know your stuff and be mindful of what others have to offer to the conversation. Today Mr. Lubar has surrounded himself with a team of real estate professionals. He also has developed relationships with reliable contractors. A smart real estate investor realizes early on that doing well is a function of forming strategic partnerships and not cutting corners. You can visit his page for more.

The Rocketship Education Community Comes Together During Times Of Hardship

In 2017, catastrophic floods struck San Jose, California and left many of the low-income students of the Rocketship Education charter schools system struggling to cope with the demands placed on them at home. What marks the Rocketship Education experience out as different from the efforts of public school educators is the desire to find new ways of building a school community including assisting those in the deepest need; when members of the Rocketship Education community came together to assist at school and at home the success of this program was seen as having been achieved in California.

The parent experience at Rocketship Education is almost as important as the one undertaken by students who are seen as the leaders of tomorrow by educators and other members of the school community. In creating a community, Rocketship Education founders, Preston Smith and John Danner decided it was important for educators to understand the issues facing each student in their home environment; teachers are, therefore, required to make sporadic home visits to engage with the parents of low-income students to make sure their needs are being met.

At Rocketship Education every member of a family is made to feel as though they are part of a wider school community which came together in 2017 to help those affected by flooding. Not only did the interaction of educators with flood-affected families ensure they could aid students in helping with their everyday needs, it also meant students could feel their school was a safe place dedicated to their education and everyday life.

The feeling that Rocketship Education is not solely dedicated to advancing the charter schools options available to students and their families has been backed up by a recent name change to Rocketship Public Schools. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Rocketship is headed by former public school educator, Preston Smith who has become one of the key members of the charter schools community.

Roberto Santiago’s Innovative Companies in Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa has advanced continuously since 1989. In 1989 the most significant mall in Joao Pessoa opened for business. The Manaira Shopping Mall has served thousands of people for a long time. They continue to serve people excellent quality service to improve their shopping experience. The Manaira Shopping Mall is owned by one the of most well-known entrepreneurs in Paraiba, Roberto Santiago. He built the mall to enhance his profile as a business man and to provide the next generations in Joao Pessoa with popular entertainment options. He has been very successful thus far with giving the people with an excellent place for entertainment.

The Manaira Shopping Mall was built to entertain the people that shop in the mall. The mall is for shopping, but you are also able to enroll in college, receive financial help at the financial institutions, exercise in the gym, eat at the food court, have fun at the game arcade, watch shows at the Domus concert hall, or watch a movie at the movie theater. There is a lot to do at the mall. You don’t have to make multiple stops after you leave the mall because everything that you need is inside.

The local schools bring the students to the mall to allow them to see the historic features at the mall. Roberto Santiago also serves as a role model for the children. He grew up in Joao Pessoa. He attended the schools in Joao Pessoa. He was once in the student’s shoes, but he got his education and took the risk to be successful. He owns other companies besides his famous malls in Joao Pessoa. Before opening the mall, he began a cartonnage company. The cartonnage company provides businesses with their packaging needs. The company grew and started offering other services so they could just depend on one company to give all of their needs.

The cartonnage had so much success that he had enough, money to invest in land development. The first piece of land that he bought is now the home of the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The mall’s specific sectors can be used by the community to host their large public events such as graduation. He aims to serve the people of Joao Pessoa by giving them options rather than them having to settle for the bare minimum.

The Manaira Mall has entertained people of all ages since 1989. Roberto Santiago plans to satisfy the people of Joao Pessoa much longer. He is continually making changes to the company to provide a thrilling experience to all of its customers. Joao Pessoa continues to thrive thanks to the innovative, breath taking malls in the city.


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