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George Soros, Promoting Equality Through Open Societies

In the last century, the world has seen many humanitarians all unique in many ways. George Soros at 87, is one of the few remaining influential philanthropists who has made a conscious effort to take a stand on controversial issues that impact society. While he is most popularly known for being a successful and epic hedge fund manager, this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

As one of the few people who believes in leading by example, George Soros has dedicated a large part of his life and fiscal resources in promoting democratic ideals to form a better society, one worth raising future generations in without the need of constant worry. He has been an integral part of influencing positive policy reforms that demand equality for minorities, promoting better drug policies and funding programs that encourage higher education to minorities. He has donated a sum over $100 million to universities spread across the former USSR.

George Soros has also spent over $75 million in the form of fiscal resources with the sole intention of stopping the adverse effects of extreme poverty in Africa. This cause was known as the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project, and it answered various social and environmental concerns that ranged from education to business development, food, energy and clean drinking water.

One might imagine that the positive impact made by the altruistic behavior of this finance kingpin would be enough for a lifetime; however, this is not the case. A short while ago, once again, this humanitarian contributed to making the world more liveable, by donating an astonishing sum of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation that shares similar views about equality as him.

As a legendary financier, George Soros has the needed expertise to understand the implications of imprudent assertions made by America and the direct effects it had on the American economy during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The paper published by him on the Atlantic termed as the Bubble of American Supremacy made a few interesting points that can make America think beyond the concept of individual security. It elaborated that a more efficient idea would be that of collective security where in America can once again be counted on as world leaders and get international cooperation while returning the favor in due course of time.

Although George Soros is a prominent capitalist, his humane approach and values have led him to argue in an article that he wrote for the Atlantic termed as the Capital Threat. This article states that the free market concept defeats the entire value system on which open societies operate and there is a dire need for change right now. This change is possible by developing a conceptual system based on mistakes humans tend to make and have made in the past. By learning from our mistakes, we can create a better society especially if the traditional concept of using reasons to improve is not nearly good enough for our world.

These consistent acts devoid of any selfish motives along with a value system based on morality have led many people to wonder if George Soros was born a humanitarian, or did the dozens of struggles over a lifetime transform him into a humble yet just leader. Born in Budapest to a Jewish family and with a very modest start in his life, he migrated to England after surviving the Hungary Nazi occupancy and the subsequent Battle of Budapest. He is considered to be a self-made man as his finance education in London was paid by him by working as both a waiter and railroad porter. After years of toiling in the finance sector, he soared great heights and was finally perceived as a force to reckon with not because of his financial worth, but because of the efforts, he has taken to be a part of the change that can save humanity in more ways than one.

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George Soros’ massive transfer to OSF a massive support

George Soros is one of the Democrats’ strongest philanthropists, giving to many liberal causes and politicians. George Soros just transferred $18 billion dollars to his own foundation, Open Society Foundations. This massive contribution has shrunk his net worth. The Open Society Foundations has increased its reach through the entire world including North America and the United States.

According to Forbes, the Open Society Foundations has centers in more than 100 countries. It works to fight back authoritarianism, promote human rights and support minorities including refugees, the LGBT community and the Roma people in Europe. With the extensive work that Open Society Foundations has done, they have become the second largest charity, taking its place right behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. George Soros’ has spent much time in the United States, funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Black Lives Matter. The Open Society Foundations was reported to have a budget of $940 million dollars this year. Open Society Foundations also gave grants to promote causes close to them including: justice reform, human rights and economic advancement.

According to the New York Times, the large contribution is intended to reduce George Soros’ taxes. According to tax rules, charities including Open Society Foundations are tax deductible. George Soros’ funds will still be managed by his Soros Fund Management. They just hired their first female chief investment officer with Dawn Fitzpatrick. George Soros was raised in Nazi occupied Budapest and later escaped Communist controlled Budapest in 1947, heading to London. George Soros eventually arrived in London, where he worked as a railway porter while also taking classes at London School of Economics, where he eventually earned a Master of Philosophy and a bachelor’s degree. He then left London and emigrated to New York, where he started his successful hedge fund. Over fifty years, George Soros has become one of the top financial leaders on Wall Street.

George Soros has been on the Forbes 400 list and has remained on that list since being named to it, thirty years ago. George Soros’ contributions has led to what The Atlantic calls the demonization of George Soros. Many on the right attempt to attack him with conspiracy theories. Despite those attacks George Soros continues to be a strong philanthropist helping the minorities. The Open Source Foundations continues to grow despite all the critics and their complaints. George Soros’ contribution to Open Societies Foundation has cut into his net worth.

American Institute Of Architects: Building Sustainable Infrastructures For The Future

Since its establishment in 1857 in New York City, The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has paved the way for the field of architecture. To date, the American Institute of Architects operates with 200 full-time employees and over 300 chapters across the United States. Before its establishment there were no licensing laws or schools for architecture. Once a constitution was drafted for members of the American Institute of Architects, building healthier and safer neighborhoods became a top priority.

For 160 years, the American Institute of Architects has fought for architectural advocacy by emerging itself in state and city politics in the United States. Across the 300 chapters of the American Institute of Architects, members work to build hospitals, government and school buildings. To expand infrastructures, members work to change policies that have led to the deterioration of unsafe communities across America. By promoting positive change and furthering public policies in Washington, the American Institute of Architects strives for stronger and sustainable communities.

The American Institute of Architects strives for a sustainable future that decreases the impact of climate change. Through design and preservation, members of the AIA are constructing buildings that reduce carbon output in the environment. Advocating for policy change has led to a green construction market worth $167.4 billion. Looking towards the future, the American Institute of Architects advocates for policy to provide access and financing for the architecture profession.

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Leading the American Institute of Architects as Chief Executive Officer is Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy began his career as the editor of the world-renowned architectural journal known as Architectural Record. His leadership skills led the Architectural Record to receive many distinguished awards such as the National Magazine Award from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Robert Ivy won the prestigious Crain Award in 2009 for individual excellence.

Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects has grown to over 90,000 members. Since 2011, Robert Ivy has launched public awareness campaigns to change and improve architectural policies. Recently, Robert Ivy received the honor of being named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity. He now joins other impressive Master Architects such as Richard Buckminster Fuller. Robert Ivy is the only architect to receive this honored title in the 21st century.

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Whitney Wolfe Changes the Dating App Norm

Whitney Wolfe is doing a lot with Bumble. She has become one of the popular entrepreneurs that has created a dating app that is able to connect many people that are interested in finding someone through the internet. Everyone may not realize exactly how dating apps work, but Whitney Wolfe has managed to provide quite a bit of change to the dating app industry. She has change the way that men and women approach dating. With what she has done women are now the ones that make the first move.

This is something that people are impressed with when it comes to Bumble. It shows that Whitney Wolfe was thinking ahead when she created this type of app. Few people can say that they have experienced a dating app where women are the ones that are making the first move. Whitney Wolfe believed that this would be something that women would take interest in.

She was one such woman that would have been eager to try her own dating app. Wolfe has always believed that women should have the place to ask a man out if they are interested in someone. She did not particularly believe in the way that the dating app world puts all of the pressure on men.

Women are definitely benefiting from this dating app, but it is obvious that men are also going to have a great amount of interest in Bumble. The main reason for this is that this app allows men to relax a little. They do not have to be so eager to make the first move. That is something that men will often struggle with. Men that may have found it difficult to approach women will discover that an app like this can easily change the course of dating apps throughout the dating app environment.

Whitney knew that she was on to something good, and she made it her decision to create a whole new vibe for dating apps. She wanted to be the trendsetter. It appears that people are also going to see Whitney Wolfe setting trends with Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

These are other components of her Austin, TX based company that provides people with the ability to build better network circles or establish new friendships. Whitney Wolfe did not want to settle for creating a dating app alone. She wanted to have an entire social media presence.

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Thought Leader: Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is a true Renaissance man. He’s been successful as a physician, businessman and community leader. McKenna grew up in New Orleans, and graduated from Tulane University Medical School. He quickly became a leader in the field of lifestyle and aesthetic medicine. During his time in New Orleans, McKenna also invested in real estate.

His real estate business was heavily impacted by Hurricane Katrina. At this point, some people would have given up. Not Dr. McKenna. He helped the city rebuild. A particular interest of McKenna’s was low- to moderate-income housing. He also served on the board of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

In 2007, with rebuilding well underway, McKenna relocated to the Atlanta area. There he started ShapeMed. ShapeMed grew to become one of the largest aesthetic medical practices in the country. Eventually, it was bought out by a larger company. McKenna stayed on to help with the transition.

Today, McKenna has a new venture. He is Founder and CEO of OVME, a company that’s set to revolutionize the practice of medical aesthetics. OVME is fully tech-enabled. It’s something consumers can access themselves, without an intermediary. It looks like Dr. Mark McKenna is set to make another big impact in his practice area.

Mark McKenna has a hunger for knowledge. He reads extensively, keeping up on the latest medical knowledge and economic news. He looks to industries besides his own for inspiration. McKenna actively follows the world of finance, especially the burgeoning field of crypto-currencies. He’s intrigued by the way Elon Musk’s mind works, too.

But perhaps most importantly, McKenna sees himself as a family man. He continued his father’s legacy of working in medicine. In fact, his first job was in his Dad’s practice. He is a devoted husband and father. He also loves dogs.

McKenna has packed a lot of successes into a short career. With his wide range of interests and track record of success, it will be interesting to see what Dr. McKenna does next.

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Advancements in Communication and Technology towards Depleting Crime

Securus Technologies is a communication company which offers communication products to the correctional agencies in the United States of America. It is popular without doubt due to its best products and services which never fail at all costs. Unlike before where people used to visit prisons frequently so as to have a chat with their loved ones behind the bars, Securus brought to being best telephones and other devices which makes it easy for inmates to communicate with their loved ones. Not one or twice has this company helped the law enforcement departments catch up with different criminals in an easy way.


The tech advancements have crossed beyond even to the letters which are a writing form of communication. Many thanks are the users of these products and services which are of affordability. To be working in this organization, you have to be a tech professional and with much experience when it comes to prison matters also. To the many prisons which Securus has worked with, evidence finding and goal achievement have never been a burning issue without a solution. Rick Smith is the head of Securus Technologies has been so passionate in uplifting the technological standards of these correctional agencies.


One of the key advancements is the video application which has made a numerous number of inmates reforms to be good since surveillance is so much high. Also, there is a call tracking software which makes it easy for police officers detect all the illegal businesses and acts that are against the law and still ongoing. LBS technology is another key innovation that has aided the government to recover fake and illegal money thus discouraging criminal operations. With these and many other great inventions, Securus remains to be the best there is the technological and communicational agency responsible for crime prevention.


Skilled Race Driver Michel Terpins Makes An Important Move In Winning The Races And Helping The Society

Rodrigo Terpins has been a successful car racer in the most famous Brazil rallies. This was a family passion in which he inherited from his father. All through his career, he has displayed excellent driving skills where most of his fans line to cheer him whether he is racing or in practice. One race which has remained a memory for him was the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally held in the toughest Brazil terrains. Despite the difficulties, he was able to secure the 5th position overall. He reveals that he and his co-driver faced one of the most difficult competitions in their entire career. Nevertheless, the exhaustion and tough roads never stopped him apply his skills as he accelerated to gain momentum and pick up the pace to take control of their driving efforts.

Terpins has been racing in the T-Rex car which he adores so much and could not see any reason why he could change. It is a MEM developed vehicle suitable for Brazilian tough terrains. Racing needs a lot of skills and perseverance. When you are racing, you have to remember that this is a risky endeavor as anything can happen while you are at the top speed. So you have to ready to handle everything, and the most important is to prepare your mind to able to handle traumas. This time, the T-Rex car had received a free carbon seal knowing that they would be racing in the Amazons and the carbon release will be consumed by the trees in the forest.

This boosted their car by burning more fuel at a faster rate enabling it to pick the highest speed at a short distance covering the whole distance at high speeds without developing complications. During the 2016 Sertões Rally, the pilots were able to deliver excellent and spectacular scene to hundreds of thousands of fans by portraying envious driving skills when finishing the race. Winning is not only Rodrigo Terpins vision as he has engaged in many charities in helping the needy people in the society to live a better life. After completing the race, he donated funds to facilitate the authorities acquire medicine for the city hospitals and building of clean water facilities that would help the community. More about Terpins on

Paul Mampilly Predicts the Effects of Amazon’s Interest on Healthcare Stocks

A former hedge fund manager and renowned investor, Paul Mampilly foresee looming trouble for investors following the interest of Amazon on Healthcare stocks. He encouraged investors in the healthcare industry to pay attention to the predictions of David Larsen who says that without a doubt, Amazon will make its way into the sector and every stockholder is bound to be affected. According to David, it is not a question of “if,” but “when.” Paul Mampilly describes David Larsen as one of the most reliable analysts as far as healthcare stocks are concerned.

Paul Mampilly believes that some of the stocks that Amazon will show interest in are the dividend-paying stocks. Paul argued that once Amazon targets a firm, its shares adopt a deteriorating trend and they are attached a “safe” tag – meaning that the business contains many barriers to entry, and

Amazon is targeting the prescription drug market. People are unaware of the fact that drugs pass multiple transactions before they are packaged and sold over the counter. The process chain for these types of drugs only enriches the middlemen. According to Paul Mampilly, when a firm is Amazoned, higher focus is put on the efficiency and transparency of the price. Amazon usually targets some companies due to lack of transparency, and big pharmacy stores will therefore, be its prime choices because of the little-known complex chains associated with costs and rebates, and read full article.

Apparently, bringing transparency in this market place will reduce the amounts of money that intermediaries harvest. Paul Mampilly said that the stock market has since identified the threat posed by Amazon targeting big pharmacy stores such as Walgreens and CVS and the stock price is responding accordingly. For instance, since the spring of 2016, CVS has witnessed a 28% drop. Express Scripts has experienced the sharpest decline of 37% since the summer of 2015. Business has not been as usual at Walgreens either.

So, what next? Paul Mampilly cautions his followers against holding on to these shares? He also advises against falling into the temptations of buying them as he equates them to a death trap. According to him, the only good news is that the prices of drugs will be lower to the consumers.

How virtual reality will reshape a $143 billion industry.#VR #AugmentedReality #technology #stocks #BanyanHill

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) October 19, 2017

About Paul Mampilly

An investment guru, Paul Mampilly has held prestigious positions at Kinetics International Fund, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. He, later on, started focusing on his investments. He rose to fame when he turned a $50 million worth of investment into $88 million – making him win the Templeton Foundation competition. Born in Southern India, Paul moved to the US at age 18. He studied at Montclair State University, NJ and obtained a degree in finance and accounting. He got his MBA from Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University. He also has a background in financial engineering and economics.

Modular Greenhouses and New Technologies Could Change the World

Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems technology is big news to the greenhouse-grown food industry. The technology provides a new way to effectively grow crops and gather solar power at the same time. This is a big breakthrough considering that greenhouses are energy-intensive due to the need to keep them lit and at regulated temperatures. A combination of the new technology and modular greenhouses developed by Josh Smith in Reno, Nevada, could provide millions with the ability to grow their own low-cost produce.

The technology uses pink glass panels that are embedded with a special magenta dye. While growing, plants detect quality, quantity, duration and direction of light via a wide range of photoreceptors that can differentiate the various colors in light waves. When sunlight hits the Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic System’s pink panels, the luminescent dye eliminates most of the green wavelengths as well as some of the blue light wavelengths. The pink panels also enhance the red light wavelengths, which promotes more photosynthesis activity. Instead of wasting the captured green and blue light wavelengths, the pink panel channels them to photovoltaic strips, which in turn convert them into energy.

Although many people were skeptical that pink panels could hinder plant growth, the University of California-Santa Cruz researchers, who came up with the technology, explained that 20 percent of the plants even grew better. The technology was also successfully tested on 20 plant varieties including lemons, basil, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, limes, and cucumber.

Although more research still needs to be done to establish how the technology would measure up to others in terms of its overall sustainability, greenhouse experts such Josh Smith are very optimistic that the technology is a great step towards food system that’s friendly to the planet.

About Josh Smith

Josh Smith is visionary entrepreneur and CEO to several start-ups in the sustainable technology industries based in Reno, Nevada. He is the founder and current CEO of Modular Greenhouses.

Josh believes that it is not right for children to be fed on junk food during their developmental years and he is 100 percent committed to bringing a change to this systemic problem. With an experienced and purpose fueled team, Mr. Smith believes that he will propel Modular Greenhouses to achieve a leading market share status by 2020.

Sahm Adrangi: Making Wealth through Risky Investments

Stock market investment is a great way to earn passive income. Most of the time, investors would have to speak with a stock market broker in order for them to invest their money to the stock that they wanted. In today’s world, online stock brokers are readily available and everyone can join. They give the investors the freedom to choose which stock they can buy, and when they can trade it. Investing in the stock market is highly recommended because the value of stocks rise up as time passes, and it also combats inflation. It is a great long term investment plan, but one should also consider that investing in the stock market has its own risk.

Sahm Adrangi was known for investing in volatile and high risk stocks. He is a young businessman, entrepreneur and professional financial advisor. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2008, which is a finance advising firm helping investors choose the right investment for them. He made it to the headlines recently because of his move to purchase $100 million worth of stocks at a company that has not yet been unveiled. He believes that by purchasing that much stock, he would be able to gain control of the company. Experts were surprised at the move made by the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, but they believe that his bold move would surely succeed. The young founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is hoping that through buying $100 million worth of stocks, his financial firm would benefit, along with all of those who financed the investment.

His clients at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC are the ones who gave him the money to purchase the stocks. They believe in his skills and knowledge, and they know that the investment they provided would be returned to them growing exponentially. The young founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC has been known in the investment world for several years now, because of his skills in financial management and risky investments. He managed to earn profits from investing in high risk stocks, or the volatiles ones, and he wanted to share this skill to everyone which is why he opened a financial advisor firm.

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