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OSI Group: McDonalds Supplier History and Expansion into China

David McDonald has worked in the food industry for thirty years and has gotten to the point where he is now the chief operating officer of OSI Group McDonalds: a global food distribution group. OSI Group McDonalds was born from a German immigrant living in Chicago. In essence, the reason that OSI group has grown so exponentially is that they became of one of McDonald’s food suppliers from day one. When you have a relationship with such a large organization as McDonald’s, you truly have the potential for growth which many other companies do not. So a lot of the success of OSI Group McDonalds is due to the excellent working relationship with the McDonald’s corporation and the ability to keep up with their growing needs; the relationship was born in the mid-19th century. Find out more about McDonald at .

From the successful relationship with McDonald’s, OSI Group McDonalds has leveraged this to their advantage and has been able to find other clients whose needs were equally as large as McDonalds. David McDonald grew up on a farm in Northern Iowa and went to Iowa State University. Graduating with an Animal Sciences bachelors degree, he leveraged this to further his career path. He even won the Wallace E. Barron outstanding student award, due to his great marks and studious work ethic. In addition to all of this, David is in acting philanthropist towards the Agricultural Sciences program at Iowa State to this day.

Into all of this, David is a an avid supporter of the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund. He won the young alumni award in 2004 for his work, and wont the “emerging philanthropist” award at Iowa State University. Together with his wife, there are more than five children amongst them in hopes to continue the success that David has paved the path for. This path includes 20,000 employees over 17 countries with expansion into China.



Fortress Investment Group Pact with Softbank

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a reputable asset management firm in the United states. This firms are reported valued at $70 billion in all its stakes from investments to assets. It recently took a bold move when is closed a deal of purchase by Softbank at a cost of US$3.3 billion. This deal qualifies Softbank to be ranked among the world’s largest investment firms around the world.

Masayoshi Son, who is the group’s chairman announced that Fortress Class A stockholders would be paid at $8.08 a share despite the surge in the trade recently. This about 39% in excess of what was expected according to the Wall Street Journal report. This Japanese business mogul desires to lead and disrupt the technology and communications market. it has not only acquired Fortress Investment Group, but also ARM Holdings PLC and Sprint Corp all of which are tech-based companies.

Softbank under the leadership of Mr. Son has been very strategic in investing in technology and predominantly in projects that will raise money, grow and transform the industry. He has already solicited for a $100 billion funding to help his company stretch its operations in new technologies especially in the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The investors in this project includes Oracle’s Larry Ellison, Qualcomm and Apple.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an investment manager that deals with asset management, real estate investment, private equity and credit. It was founded in 1998 and rose to become the first asset manager to trade in the New York Stock Exchange. FIG is based in New York City and is led by the CEO, Wesley R. Edens with a major into liquid markets. With $3.3-Billion Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank Looks to Branch Out

With about two decades since it was incorporated Fortress Group has been able to absorb the economic tides and enjoy the market favorable conditions. FIG during the 2014 HFM week is was named the – Management Firm of the Year and also as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year for its excellent performance among other honorary titles. The boon is that it offers both individual, group and corporate investment opportunities in a diverse class of assets.Click here

High-Powered Business Man And Respected, Board-Certified, Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Sameer Jejurikar, Is Going Back For Another Helping Of Education, To Enrich His Career 

Like many high-powered men in today’s multifaceted business world, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has fingers firmly placed in an array of business pots. A physician, in a highly demanding specialty, a writer and speaker, moreover the purveyor of his own unique, medical-grade product line of skincare, Dr. Jejurikar has come to a fork in the road. The well-filled life-plate of Sameer Jejurikar, though already well-buttressed with know-how and expertise, is about to get a bit more structural support.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is already board-certified as a plastic surgeon. He understands physical and applied science, appreciating that the latter has earned a particular place in today’s modern world of business. His patients are treated to the razor’s edge in technology, 3D preview-imaging. The tool gives users an interactive 3D model of what they can expect post their elected surgery, using computer software and a simulator.

Though a ten year veteran in his line of work, Dr. Jejurikar remains heavily invested in learning new techniques and keeping up with industry improvements, such as the TouchMD program, another applied science feature that Dr. Jejurikar offers to his patients. The visual, consultation software tool utilizes a touchscreen and gives patients a unique portal to log on and get further information even post-live consultations.

Highly respected for his acumen and professionalism, the Dallas surgeon is already a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He’s earned research grants from the National Institute of Health training and the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. He’s a published name in more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications.

Yet, Doctor Sameer Jejurikar refuses to believe his potential is tapped out. He’s upping the ante, opting to enlarge and enrich his base, by going after a Masters of Business Administration via the Cox School of Business, at Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Upwork Gets Listed On The New York Stock Exchange

Upwork, the online freelancer’s website, went public earlier this year Their stock, under ticker symbol EB, is now being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. At the time their Chief Executive Officer Stephane Kasriel said that the goal was to show everyone that they operate the world’s biggest online marketplace that connects freelancers and businesses together.

This company is the result of two companies having merged in 2014. These were Elance and Odes. Among the biggest investors that took part in their IPO was Dragoneer Investment Group which bought 20 percent of the company. Other big stakeholders in Upwork include SG Growth Partners, Benchmark, Globespan Capital Partners, and Sigma Partners.

On the Upwork website, companies and independent professionals can connect and collaborate on a project together. They have 12 million freelancers registered with them and there are five million registered businesses from around the world. About three million jobs are posted on their website each year. The types of skills they offer to their clients include app developers, translators, writers, graphic designers, marketing, sales, and consulting.

At Upwork, they use algorithms that process information such as the skills of the freelancers, feedback from companies that have used their services previously, and job success. This information is provided to both companies and the freelancer themselves. The companies use this information to decide whether a freelancer would be a good match for a project they need to be worked on.

Upwork makes money by taking a percentage of the freelancer’s income they earned from a project. They receive 20 percent of the first $500 that a freelancer has earned from a company and, after that, it drops to 10 percent. Once a freelancer has exceeded $10,000 with any particular company the fee drops again, this time to 5 percent.

The first thing a new user does on the Uplink website is to create their profile, listing out their job skills and other pertinent information. They say that users need to be honest about their skills and their level of expertise in each as if they can’t perform on jobs they could see their account either paused or closed.

How Has Waiakea Water Reshaped The Bottled-Water Industry

Bottled water is one of the best-selling fluids in society today. This particular field is loaded with brand after brand, but some brands are much better than others. Have you ever heard of Waiakea water? Well, this brand is one of the newest competitors, and it’s offering many more benefits than traditional bottled water. Unlike the other forms of water that come from natural springs, this water is produced by rainfall. In addition to that, the rainwater flows through a volcano’s porous rock. This specific type of rock provide some of the best natural-cleansing benefits on earth.

Waiakea volcanic water is high in electrolytes as well as high in magnesium. Calcium and antioxidants are also absorbed by the water. These fine ingredients have put the water in an alkaline state. Water is much healthier when it has high alkaline levels, and Waiakea volcanic water is listed at an 8.2 on the pH scale. The average bottled-water brand’s fluid is generally below a 7.0. This is 100 percent true, and anything that’s below a 7.0 is considered to be unhealthy. Ryan Emmons founded the company in 2012. The source of this extraordinary water just so happen to rear its head on the family’s property. “This is some of the freshest water that I’ve ever drank,” said Emmons.

When comparing the countries that consume copious amounts of water, Italy is ranked at the top position. In general, water can be found in abundance as most households receive their water via tap. Unfortunately, tap water isn’t as healthy as you may think. The very ingredients that are used to cleanse the water can make you sick. Chemicals such as fluoride are the main culprits. Waiakea volcanic water has naturally bypassed the chemical process, and it’s a better solution for satisfying your hydration needs.

Madison Street Capital Announced as a Finalist for Annual M&A Advisor Awards

In a recent announcement, the investment banking firm Madison Street Capital will be nominated as a finalist in the 17th annual M&A Advisor Awards. The firm will be nominated in five distinct categories. These will include Professional Services Deal of the Year, Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Equity Financing of the Year. Madison Street Capital will also be nominated for other categories such as Private Equity Deal of the Year and M&A Deal of the Year as well. After the first stage of evaluation and from an assessment made by the independent panel of judges, Madison Street Capital was able to get the nomination.


The chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway said that it is very gratifying to receive such positive recognition. Botchway also said that the nomination is attributed to the talented team of professionals that the firm has. He stated that the team at the firm offers and provides the best in class services to all of its clients on a regular basis. With the nomination for the M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital has been able to prove itself as a very capable investment banking firm.


Winning awards and receiving positive recognition is nothing new to Madison Street Capital. The firm has won a number of highly prestigious awards in the financial services industry. The firm has won the M&A Deal of the Year, Restructuring Deal of the Year, the Cross Border Deal of the Year and also the Debt Financing of the Year. All of these awards have proven that Madison Street Capital is among the most reputable and successful investment banking firms in the industry.


Madison Street Capital is a leading boutique investment banking firm located in Chicago, Illinois of the United States. The firm specializes in serving medium sized businesses all over the world. Its client base is quite vast as it works with businesses throughout the United States as well as in other nations. What has helped the firm establish itself as a leading investment banking firm is its devotion to providing the best service to clients. The firm regularly looks to focus on the client’s best interests. As a result, it ahs been able to help numerous businesses reach their financial goals. There are a number of services offered by Madison Street Capital. These include debt financing, financial evaluations, business valuation, financial advisory services and also mergers and acquisitions. All of these services have helped establish the Madison Street Capital reputation as being one of the best in the financial sector.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Michel Terpins – Brazilian Rally Star

Michel Terpins is a rally car racing star along side of his brother, Rodrigo Terpins, who he has partnered with since the 2015 racing season. Michel Terpins formed ‘Bull Sertoes Rally’, one of the more competitive racing operations in Brazilian rally car racing right now. His team also hosts the Sertoes Rally competition in Brazil.


Michel Terpins has been competing in these harsh racing environments for quite some time in his home country of Brazil, and he is known for his tenacity behind the wheel of a rally car during the heat of competition. Brazilian rally racing fans have been treated well with the opportunity to watch him compete in several top-tier racing events across Brazil, including the famous Sertoes Rally competition.


Rodrigo Terpins has shown his experience as he competes in these endurance rally racing events, and has earned several positive results over the course of his rally racing career. He could be considered one of the top rally drivers in the country right now as he continues to enter competitions along side of his brother Rodrigo. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Rodrigo Terpins has been competing in rally competitions since the year 2002, and was known for driving various styles of motorcycles in his early racing career. After a few years, he converted to drive rally cars, who had already earned some experience behind the wheel of a rally car. Hard work and patience led Michel and his brother to several victories and great results in the sport of rally car racing in Brazil.


Michel Terpins and his brother continue to host the Sertoes rally competition. The future for Michel seems to be extremely positive in the rally racing community, as race fans, corporate sponsors, and passionate racers look to Michel’s racing experience as a role model to becoming a successful rally driver in Brazil.


Guilherme Paulus Leads CVCA And GJP Hotels Network To Greatness

With the help of a Brazilian political figure, Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC. It was in 1972 at the early stages of his youth. Guilherme was an ambitious 24-years-old young man. Four down the line, Paulus was left to continue operations of the venture on his own.

Under his leadership, the South African based Brasil Operadora e-Agencia de Viagens agency has emerged to be the largest tour operator in Latin America. Additionally, Paulus serves as the President at GJP Hotels Network. It is the largest group of hotels operating in Brazil. Following the recent boom of the tourism industry in Brazil, Guilherme is among the billionaires as listed by Forbes.

Guilherme Paulus graced the 2017 Top Seller Entrepreneurship Event as the guest speaker of the day. During the event, he shared his career achievements and his journey towards the ownership of CVC and GJP brands in Brazil. He also cites how his internship at IBM served as a significant base in his career. The opportunity enabled him to explore computing which he heavily relies on while carrying out his daily operations.

Moreover, getting the position of tourism salesperson was one of the greatest milestones in the tourism industry. While at it, the idea of designing engaging and fun activities for customers came up during a trip to Buenos Aires. That particular trip comprising a group of French individuals turned out boring; giving way for a great business idea for Guilherme Paulus.

During his tenure at Casa Faro travel agency, Guilherme Paulus desired to establish his own tour firm. Nevertheless, he was close to achieving his dreams after getting a proposal from a politician to start a travel agency during one of the trips. Guilherme shared the news with his boss and since then CVC hit the market. Paulus continues to generate new and thrilling ideas for his clients with an aim of maintaining relevance in the highly competitive industry. His customers are always expectant of new experiences on their trips.

One of the major breakthroughs at CVC was the introduction of the first ship to Brazil in 2001. Today, CVC is a global leader in ship ownership. The value CVC and GJP Hotel Network brands attach to their customers gives them a competitive advantage over other competitors in the market.

Tempus Receives $80 Million to Help in Cancer Treatment

Tempus, the cancer technology company co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, received a large infusion of funds to aid people undergoing treatment for the disease. In the company’s latest round of fundraising, new and existing investors contributed $80 million to the company. This now puts Tempus’s assets at more than $1 billion. Some of the firms that have invested in Tempus include T. Rowe Price and New Enterprise Associates. Since Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus in 2015, the company has built a database of clinical and molecular data on nearly 20,000 cancer patients. This provides streamlined information for physicians to help them develop more personalized care for their patients.

This allows Tempus to provide genomic sequencing services and therapeutic data so physicians can make data driven decisions on how best to treat their patients. While Tempus specializes in medical data, Eric Lefkofsky himself did not have a medical background prior to forming the company. Some of his previous endeavors include founding the Lightbank, which invests in disruptive technologies, Echo Global Logistics, a technology-enabled transportation and logistics outsourcing firm, and he invested in Uptake Technologies, a predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest industries.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky has also established the Lefkofsky Foundation to support scientific and educational organizations around the world. Lefkofsky said the $80 million in new funding will help Tempus’s efforts as it continues to grow. He explained the company is adding on average 30 new employees a month as it seeks to expand its data base of patients to aid physicians in their treatment. Lefkofsky added that to help unlock the mysteries of cancer, a lot of data is needed, and Tempus will help compile that information.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the brains behind the success of InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a firm that is renowned for the delivery of quality services to its patients. It is located in North America, and many patients have been happy with the kind of services they get from the organization. The company has been providing various services like Medicaid Advantage Programs, Medicare and physician services. Since the company started, it has remained true to its customers, and it is always committed to ensuring patients receive the best healthcare services. They use a business model that integrates modern technology, and it is sustainable.




Since InnovaCare started, it has attracted a lot of customers, and today it has more than 200,000 members. It also has over 7000 service providers to serve all these members. The company is in Puerto Rico, and it works with the government of Puerto Rico to provide a wide range of models through various plans. InnovaCare is where it is today because of the great leaders in the company. It is led by people who have been in business for many years, and they have what it takes to ensure the success of a company. Richard Shinto has been working for the company diligently, and he has helped it in many ways. His experience has enabled him to have the right knowledge to run a large organization like InnovaCare where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the president of the company. For more details visit



He has over twenty years in the sector and has served various organizations in the past like NAMM where he was the CMO. The company is based in California. Shinto is not only in the healthcare sector, but he is also an author who has written many articles. His articles are based on medical services. His educational background is excellent since he attended great institutions like California University which is known for outstanding performance. He has received various awards as recognition for working hard and achieving many things in the medical world. For more details visit


Richard Shinto works with leaders like Penelope Kokkinides who is also experienced. They have worked together to shape the company. Penelope works as the Chief Administration Officer at the company, and her experience is unmatched by many professionals in the field. She has been offering the best service at InnovaCare and has more than twenty years of experience in the medical field and caring for patients. Her knowledge and expertise have helped a lot in the running of InnovaCare.


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