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Badminton’s Gareth Henry Makes His Voice Heard For LGBTQ Rights

When it comes to badminton, Gareth Henry is a name that many fans of the sport are quite familiar with. Henry, however, is not just an outstanding badminton athlete. He is also quite active when it comes to voicing his opinions on various issues, especially equal rights for LGBTQ individuals. Jamaica is where he was born back in 1977, and it was there that he grew up before eventually migrating all the way to Canada.


Currently, the Toronto the the city which Gareth Henry calls his home. Gay rights are of great importance to him, and he continues to support the cause. In his home country of Jamaica, Henry witnessed a striking amount of prejudice, both against himself and against others as well. Gareth Henry has had to deal with a large amount of obstacles in Jamaica due to his sexuality, and he believes that, through activism, he can help prevent some other people from experiencing the same things.

If someone has achieved the type of athletic success that Gareth Henry has in the badminton world, then it is important to use that fame as a platform to help affect change. This is exactly what Gareth Henry is doing, and he is making a difference for many individuals in Jamaica. However, he currently needs to live in Canada to safely fight for the values that he holds dear.

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