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Clay Siegall: Dreams that Serve

A lot of people have a dream or preferred job or position that they want. This is good as we all must have aspirations to succeed and to lead a happy life. Some people have dreams that are centered around themselves and this is ok after al; it is their dream. However, there are other who not only dream for themselves, but they want to make an impact am change the world for others. This is commendable and is exactly what Clay Siegall has done.

Clay Siegall is a doctor and the CEO and founder of the company Seattle genetics. This company is so special because it chooses to work to create therapy drugs that stop diseases that are rare or that have seen no sizeable progress in cures. Clay Siegall is very well equipped for this undertaking as he has a zoology degree B.S. from the university of Maryland. He also as a PhD in genetics from George Washington University. Clay founded his company Seattle genetics in 1998 and has done some great work since starting it. Clay has a different mindset about medicine he believes that chemotherapy which is commonly used to treat cancer is outdated and he is working on his own methods to fight the sickness. Clay must be doing something right as his company has grown and grown over time and they are now at the top of their industry. Furthermore, their work is really good, and they have successfully created the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate. They have also developed over 20 different disease fighting drugs. Clay Siegall according to him has gotten all of this success in his company simply from hard work.

Clay Siegall’s is a man that has achieved his dream of providing healthcare to the public. Ever since he a saw a friend pass away from cancer treatment nearly he has been chasing this dream. Through Hard work and love for his fellow man Clay has obtained his own lucrative business and dream. He is a very good example of someone who’s dream was to serve others that took him to awesome heights.

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