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Singles Appreciate 2nd Dating App From Whitney Wolfe

Anyone that is taking the time to look at the dating app industry will know that much of it looks about the same. People can download an app for eHarmony and start looking for matches. They can also sign up for Match and start doing the same.

In fact, most of these apps are going to give people the same outline. Whitney Wolfe was tired of seeing this, and she wanted to do something about it. It was through this frustration that an app called Bumble was invented.

This is a very interesting transition for Whitney Wolfe to make from Tinder. This is the app that she co-founded, and she had another vision for herself when she left this company. She wanted to take on the concept of anti-bullying through an app, and she had her mind set to create an app called Merci. This was something that she was passionate about, and she felt that there was going to be a need for an app like this soon. It was her partner that worked with her on developing the Bumble app that suggested that she take on the dating app industry again.

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Whitney Wolfe did have experience in the dating app industry, and her working partner had a hunch that she will be good in this industry again. The Merci app may have been placed on the back burner, but there is a possibility that this out may come forth again. For that to happen, however, it would take a slow down in the growth of the Bumble app, and that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

The Bumble app is growing in ways that few people could have ever imagined. Whitney Wolfe has become successful in the dating app industry again with Bumble, and singles are overjoyed.

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Skout Makes The Connection

Since the advent of smartphones and the rise of social media, developers have been working overtime to come up with new apps to help keep us all connected in ways we never would have imagined just a few years ago. Some of the apps are going a long way towards changing our social structures and the ways in which we make friends, and Skout seems to be one of those apps.

A story in Adweek reviewed Skout and talked about the many features the free, downloadable app offers for people who want to connect with new friends.

Skout has a grid of faces on its mainpage that shows the many people (and potential friends) who are using the app at any one time.

Getting the “Buzz”

Once on the app, a side bar “drawer” on the left shows the activity of some of the people who are using the app at any one time. The Skout “Buzz” shows updates with details on what people are doing, and a “Shake to Chat” feature will connect a user with another user at random, so they can begin a chat. Once the chat has gone on for more than 40 seconds, the users’ profiles will appear so they can find out more about each other.

Getting Current with Skout Currency

One of the different aspects of Skout is its use of “currency” (which must be purchased by the user) and points that are required to use special features. Some of the features that require points for use include a peek “backstage” at a user, and a “Winkbomb” feature, which lets one user flirt it up by sending on a lot of winks.

The Skout app has a fun quality to it that adds an extra bit of verve to the whole “making friends online” experience.

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Skout Creates Gift For Charity

When you go to a new city or a new country you usually want someone new to talk to you and guide you around. That is why some people use Skout. Skout is a great place to meet new and exciting people in your city or in another city anywhere around the world. It is an online social media site and mobile application. The mobile application from Skout is packed full of fun features to give users new and creative ways to meet people. In the app, a user can use Passport to discover new friends anywhere around the world.

Skout just released their new travel feature, and they also took part in a special event to give users a chance to give back to their community. Skout is from San Fransisco, and they are always doing kind deeds, so they decided to give back to their local food bank by setting up a special gift for purchase on the app. Apparently, according to an article fro PR Newswire with an interview of Skout Co-founder Christian Wiklund, it is quite popular for users to purchase gifts on Skout. Users purchasing gifts from Skout helped Skout feed 20,000 people in San Fransisco and Marin this year.

The actual gift on the application was virtual, of course. However, it was a fun little gift because it was a bag of potato chips in honor of National Potato Chip Day. The developers created the gift with the intention of helping serve their community at the same time. Users on Skout’s application appreciate chances like this because getting involved in good deeds is fun, and it is a positive experience to give back to others.

Skout is a fun way to meet and mingle with new and interesting people without leaving your home. You can meet a great group of friends in your home town on Skout. Then, when you travel to a new place for leisure, you can use Skout to find people in the cities where you are traveling, so you will have a group of friends to hang out with wherever you go. Life is a fun adventure thanks to Skout.

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