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Sunday Riley: High Quality Skin Care

Oftentimes consumers may feel as though they are stuck between drug-store skin care products that are cost effective but maybe not very efficient at what they claim to do, and products that are extremely efficient but come with a price tag that looks similar to last month’s rent. Sunday Riley brings us the best of both worlds. Although the prices aren’t quite as low as what you might find at your local drugstore, they are much lower than the usual medical-grade skin care lines. They are also extremely effective at hydrating the skin and clearing up imperfections.

Sometimes skin care products can become too clinical, such as the ones that contain retinol or salicylic acid. Consumers can become intimidated by the extensive warning labels on the back about drying skin and redness. Sunday Riley takes all the intimidation out of skin care. Creams and lotions that are meant to help improve your appearance shouldn’t be scary anyway. Customers have commented on how the packaging is appealing and a far-cry from the medical-looking bottles found in drugstores. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of large pores, hydrate your skin, and clear your complexion, Sunday Riley has a prettily packaged product for you.

Most products from Sunday Riley (@sundayrileyskincare) cost around $100, which is a happy medium between drugstore-cheap and celebrity-expensive. The effective skin care products are able to stay so relatively cheap because of Riley herself, the formulator. The research and development budget is sometimes what drives up the cost of products, but Riley does all of that for free. She tests new products on friends and family, and if something doesn’t work perfectly she immediately revamps it. Products that no longer represent the brand are removed from shelves, because Riley is very particular about what is sold under her name. So if you are looking for an affordable option for effective skin care products, the Sunday Riley line may be just what you need. Get your Riley products on Sephora.


Wengie’s lazy people hacks

Are you feeling lazy? Check out this list of hacks to make your life easier at home.

Make a lentil mug pizza in a minute. It takes no preparation time, is healthy, vegan-friendly and delicious. Take a cup of mixed beans, (beans are low in calories and healthier than traditional dough). Add topping like capsicum and mushrooms, a pinch of Italian herbs and a tablespoon of marinara or pasta sauce and a tablespoon of mozzarella or vegan cheese. Pop into the microwave for a minute. Enjoy with pepper or salt.


For dessert, make a chocolate mug cake for less than a minute. The cake is vegan and low fat. Two tablespoons of wholemeal self-rising flour a tablespoon of sugar or natural sweetener, a tablespoon of baking powder, a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, two tablespoons of almond milk or soy milk, one teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Add chocolate chips to your liking. Mix and bake in the microwave oven on a high for 40 seconds or until ready. You can add ice cream and berries to make it complete.


No spoon to eat yogurt? Make a spoon off the top foil of a yogurt cup. First, lick off the yogurt from the foil. Make small folds on two sides in a V-shape leaving one end unfolded. Twist the two folds together to form a handle. Ensure you leave the other end unfolded to make the scooping end of the spoon. Now enjoy your yogurt but be careful, the edges might be sharp.


If you are tired of checking back and forth if your baking is ready from the oven, you can simply Use Facetime to keep an eye on your food as you do other things on the computer. Tape your phone to the oven screen with the camera facing in and face time on. Make sure the oven light is on. Maintain a small window from Facetime showing the oven contents as you do other things on your computer.


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