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Roberto Santiago’s Innovative Companies in Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa has advanced continuously since 1989. In 1989 the most significant mall in Joao Pessoa opened for business. The Manaira Shopping Mall has served thousands of people for a long time. They continue to serve people excellent quality service to improve their shopping experience. The Manaira Shopping Mall is owned by one the of most well-known entrepreneurs in Paraiba, Roberto Santiago. He built the mall to enhance his profile as a business man and to provide the next generations in Joao Pessoa with popular entertainment options. He has been very successful thus far with giving the people with an excellent place for entertainment.

The Manaira Shopping Mall was built to entertain the people that shop in the mall. The mall is for shopping, but you are also able to enroll in college, receive financial help at the financial institutions, exercise in the gym, eat at the food court, have fun at the game arcade, watch shows at the Domus concert hall, or watch a movie at the movie theater. There is a lot to do at the mall. You don’t have to make multiple stops after you leave the mall because everything that you need is inside.

The local schools bring the students to the mall to allow them to see the historic features at the mall. Roberto Santiago also serves as a role model for the children. He grew up in Joao Pessoa. He attended the schools in Joao Pessoa. He was once in the student’s shoes, but he got his education and took the risk to be successful. He owns other companies besides his famous malls in Joao Pessoa. Before opening the mall, he began a cartonnage company. The cartonnage company provides businesses with their packaging needs. The company grew and started offering other services so they could just depend on one company to give all of their needs.

The cartonnage had so much success that he had enough, money to invest in land development. The first piece of land that he bought is now the home of the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The mall’s specific sectors can be used by the community to host their large public events such as graduation. He aims to serve the people of Joao Pessoa by giving them options rather than them having to settle for the bare minimum.

The Manaira Mall has entertained people of all ages since 1989. Roberto Santiago plans to satisfy the people of Joao Pessoa much longer. He is continually making changes to the company to provide a thrilling experience to all of its customers. Joao Pessoa continues to thrive thanks to the innovative, breath taking malls in the city.


Jeremy Goldstein Take on the Significance of Knockout Options

Several corporation no longer offer their employees with stock options. Some companies took this deliberate step to lower expenditures, however there are three main challenges that necessitated implementation of this latter decision.


Firstly, stock may potentially drop and limit employees from tapping into their option. This scenario may result to stockholder option overhang. Secondly, several employees are wary on this method of compensation. Economic eventuality sometimes may make the options of employee worthless. Lastly, options are tedious to deal with and often result to accounting burdens.


Even with the above stated cons, this type of compensation is sometimes preferable for extra wages, better insurance cover and equities. The options make it easier for most staff members to comprehend stock options.


Additionally, options can potentially boost personal earnings when the shares of the corporation rises. For this reason, employee may sacrifice the success of the company by only satisfying the existing clients and developing innovative services.


The decision on whether to use options or not lies on the company. When using the options methods, necessary measures should always be taken to decrease cases of overhang and cut on ongoing and primary expenses. Knockout is a type of barrier option that offers the best solution to most challenges that comes with options. Knockout does not mitigate all problems but rather eradicates major constraints associated with options.


Jeremy Goldstein serves as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has over 15 years of experience as a business lawyer. This boutique law firm offers an array of services to its clients including advisory services to compensation committees, management teams, chief executive officers, corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein attended New York University where he majored in Law. Apparently he has mastery of skills in corporate governance, executive pay, mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy Goldstein personally played key roles in transactions involving Chevron, Duke Energy, Verizon, and Bank One among others.


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