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Roberto Santiago’s Innovative Companies in Joao Pessoa

Joao Pessoa has advanced continuously since 1989. In 1989 the most significant mall in Joao Pessoa opened for business. The Manaira Shopping Mall has served thousands of people for a long time. They continue to serve people excellent quality service to improve their shopping experience. The Manaira Shopping Mall is owned by one the of most well-known entrepreneurs in Paraiba, Roberto Santiago. He built the mall to enhance his profile as a business man and to provide the next generations in Joao Pessoa with popular entertainment options. He has been very successful thus far with giving the people with an excellent place for entertainment.

The Manaira Shopping Mall was built to entertain the people that shop in the mall. The mall is for shopping, but you are also able to enroll in college, receive financial help at the financial institutions, exercise in the gym, eat at the food court, have fun at the game arcade, watch shows at the Domus concert hall, or watch a movie at the movie theater. There is a lot to do at the mall. You don’t have to make multiple stops after you leave the mall because everything that you need is inside.

The local schools bring the students to the mall to allow them to see the historic features at the mall. Roberto Santiago also serves as a role model for the children. He grew up in Joao Pessoa. He attended the schools in Joao Pessoa. He was once in the student’s shoes, but he got his education and took the risk to be successful. He owns other companies besides his famous malls in Joao Pessoa. Before opening the mall, he began a cartonnage company. The cartonnage company provides businesses with their packaging needs. The company grew and started offering other services so they could just depend on one company to give all of their needs.

The cartonnage had so much success that he had enough, money to invest in land development. The first piece of land that he bought is now the home of the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The mall’s specific sectors can be used by the community to host their large public events such as graduation. He aims to serve the people of Joao Pessoa by giving them options rather than them having to settle for the bare minimum.

The Manaira Mall has entertained people of all ages since 1989. Roberto Santiago plans to satisfy the people of Joao Pessoa much longer. He is continually making changes to the company to provide a thrilling experience to all of its customers. Joao Pessoa continues to thrive thanks to the innovative, breath taking malls in the city.


Agora Financial, Great Company To Read From

Obtaining wealth from reading financial information could be easier than you thought. Agora Financial is a company that publishes financial reading materials to all of their readers. Agora Financial has been able to help people who read their publishing s all around the read obtain financial freedom. Agora Financial is defiantly the best in the financial world. Their team is made up of experts who are ready to help readers earn wealth. Agora Financial has been known to help every day working people turn their every day income into a large amount of wealth.

It would be smart to read some of Agora Financial’s readings because the have helped many of their readers be able to better take care of themselves once they retire. Many studies have proven that Americans aren’t saving enough money to be able to fully take care of themselves once they retire. If that happens to be you then this means that once you retire from your job, you may find you self seeking part time employment just to be able to get by. All of these inconvenient life events can be avoided by joining Agora Financial. Agora financial has helped many of their readers become prepared for retirement when that time came around for them.

Agora Financial has helped readers from protecting her investments and their wealth from all crisis that have happened in the past. In the past there have been oil crisis, mortgage crisis, and other major crisis from major world events. However, Agora Financial did not let that stop their readers from reaching their goals. Instead Agora Financial alerted their readers in time enough so that they were able to protect their wealth. Agora Financial is one of the best publishing companies around. Becoming an Agora Financial reader would be a great choice if you are looking for a budget friendly way to obtain wealth. Becoming a member of Agora Financial will defiantly save you more money than if you were just to hire a stock broker. All of Agora Financial’s wonderful benefits are waiting for you! what are you waiting for>

Freedom Debt Relief 10.16

You should be aware that Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus, was hacked earlier this year. Hackers were able to get direct access to private files that contained data on over 143 million Americans. In layman terms, half of the country’s personal financial information was compromised and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.

It’s imperative for you to take measures that will help protect your private financial information from virtual thieves. We will now take a quick look at several tips that can help you do this with ease and

Review Your Credit Report Two or Three Times per Year

It’s important for you to check your credit report two or three times per year. This will help you see if you have any unauthorized charges on your credit file. Contact TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian to get a free copy of your report and their Facebook.

Credit Monitoring Service

You should subscribe to a credit monitoring service. A professional credit monitoring service will monitor your credit file throughout the entire day. They will alert you if they see a sudden change take place on your credit file.

Reporting Suspicious Credit Activity

Have you noticed suspicious credit activity on your credit report? If so, you should report it immediately. Unfortunately, some people procrastinate when they see unauthorized charges on their credit report. You should get in touch with your creditor or bank immediately. They will take fast measures to resolve the issue and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

File Your Taxes Early

Identity thieves are notorious for stealing social security numbers. They will hold onto the numbers for the next tax season. They will not hesitate to file a bogus tax return in someone’s name to claim a tax refund. Filing early will help you avoid ambitious identity thieves and

Are you having trouble with resolving your debts? You should get in touch with Freedom Debt Relief. This hard-working firm has custom payment options that can help you overcome your financial troubles. They have an impeccable reputation for helping consumers put their outstanding debts behind them and more information click here.

Adam Milstein is an Entrepreneur with an International Heart

Based on the foundation of strengthening the relationship between Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the American citizenry, Adam Milstein formed the Israeli-American Council where he serves as its National Chairman. Other international relationship projects that Milstein is involved in includes StandWithUs, Jewish Founders Network, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Hasbara Fellowships and his own Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, to a stay-at-home mother and following in his dad’s footsteps of a real estate developer. In 1978, he attended the world renowned Technion – Israel Institute of Technology where he received a BS Degree in Business and Economics. Relocating to the United States in 1981, he attended the University of Southern California and earned an MBA. Having a keen interest in real estate, Adam Milstein became the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Hager is a private commercial firm that owns commercial and industrial properties throughout the U.S. whose net value is in the billions and his Facebook.

Adam Milstein is married to his wife Gila and they have three children and grandchildren. Adam and Gila reside in Encino, California and is known for their philanthropic projects, plus he is an active community leader. Both he and his wife’s Milstein Family Foundation and their involvement with the Israeli-American Council helps to introduce young American Jewish people to their heritage with the State of Israel. The Foundation further instructs the next generation of Israeli-American young people on how to combat anti-Semitism on the grounds of U.S. educational institutions and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

The Milstein Foundation supports organizations and activities to keep the strong ties between Israel and the U.S. growing. As an active and generous philanthropist, Adam Milstein was honored with a recognition as one of the 200 Most Influential DoGooders in the world highlighting people who are helping to make a difference in the world via a live video broadcast and more information click here.

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Stock Based Loan Usage Increasing

Over the past decade there have been a lot of changes to the credit markets, particularly when it comes to consumer loans. While personal loans were a staple of banks in decades past, most banks are no longer willing to provide these loans to consumers. While there are still some options available to consumers, they often come with very high interest rates and other requirements and more information click here.

For those that are looking for a way to raise personal capital, a great way is to take out a loan that is secured by stock. A stock-secured loan is a unique loan product in which a lender will provide a term loan that is secured by a stock portfolio. In cases where a borrower goes into default, the lender will be able to sell the stock to repay the loan. Since they have a liquid source of collateral, many lenders are able to offer very low interest rates.

There are a lot of benefits to borrowers of stock secured loans. One of the main benefits is that it provides a stock portfolio hedge. When taking out a loan, a borrower is often able to receive a loan with a non-recourse structure. This means that if the stock portfolio goes down in value, the borrower could theoretically stop paying the loan and still keep all of the loan proceeds without having to repay any of the original balance and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

One of the leading providers of stock-based loans is Equities First. While the company is based in the United States, they have a major presence all over the world, including in the UK, Asia, and Australia. The company has been providing stock-based loans for more than a decade and has already provided more than $1 billion in loans to both individual borrowers and small businesses that have stock portfolios.

Think Flexibility. Think Equities First Holdings

Imagine a lending approach with no red tape? Wouldn’t it be bliss to just get an alternative source of capital without red tape as a professional? Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because Equities First Holdings is that type of advisory and investment firm that gives a fast efficient alternative to capital that enables our clients to meet their personal and financial goals against our traded stock, enjoy tailored straight forward transactions. Our niche approach to security based lending enables us to offer clients the one thing they can only dream of – Flexibility.

About Equities First Holdings

Established in 2012 and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Margin Loans
  • Shareholder financing services

With our global approach and diversity in Asia, Europe, United States, and Australia we have provided our esteemed investors with shareholder loans of up to US$ 1 Billion in the last 4 years in London and committed up to US$ 100M for growing further investments in Europe and elsewhere, moving forward. With our long-term strategic partnership, our firm has made excellent strides towards offering a broad range of financial solutions and possibilities for people. Doing business with Equities First Holdings is a sure prerequisite for success. The investment firm is open to doing business with wealty individuals and corporations from any part of the world and more information click here.

Our investment model follows organic natural cycles in the market; enabling us to expand our market widely ensuring we live, breathe equities-based lending every day thus our success record and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

Join Equity First Holdings and experience flexibility.

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Eli Gershkovitch: Growing to Meet the Demand

Canadians are in love with their beer. It is the most liked alcoholic beverage in Canada, with annual sales of over $9 billion. Here are the six Canadian craft beers.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

  1. Propeller IPA


The Propeller Brewing Company brews this beer. It has been the gold winner of World Beer Championship thrice. It has a caramel flavor that’s smooth and strong that’s soft on the IPA hops.


  1. Party Animal


Brewed by Beyond the Pale. Their brewery is in Ottawa. It has a 9 percent alcohol by volume. It’s a bit hoppy, and the flavor is usually fruity and sweet


  1. Lug Tread


Beau’s Brewing Co. brews this beer. The brewery is based in Vanke Hill, Ontario. The beer is an ale that’s light-golden. It uses malts and hops that are certified organic before like a lager that’s cold age.


4.Mad Tom IPA


Muskoka Brewery is the brewer of this brand. A citrus-grapefruit flavor nicely balances its bitterness. It’s brewed in Brace Bridge, Ontario.


  1. Rye Pale Ale


Brewed by Cameron’s Brewing Co., it has a little bitter finish and tastes like sweet citrus. It’s a winner of various Canadian brewing awards.


  1. Red Racer IPA

It’s Brewed in Surrey, in British Columbia specifically at City Brewing. It’s piney, bitter, and crisp. Red Racer IPA won local, regional, and national awards since 2009.

After Eli Gershkovitc had graduated from law school, he took a break before getting into career routine. He enrolled in université de ski, located in the southern France in a city called Grenoble. Eli Gershkovitch studied art during the day and explored the alps of France on weekends.


Eli Gershkovitch is the chief executive officer of Steamworks Group of Co. He believes that someone can grow and meet demand or else the demand is going to shrink and meet you. From the day of Steamworks Brew Pub opening in the year 1995, Eli Gershkovitch organically has managed to build out a floor space at Gastown location. He boosted the seats from 184 to the current 754 counts.


Jose Henrique Borghi-Mullen Lowe Bringing Brands to Life

José Henrique Borghi is an accomplished advertising executive and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil. His brilliant advertising campaigns and creativity set him at the top of the advertising world. Many of his campaigns are still remembered in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Brazil. His most coveted advertising campaigns was that of the Sazon brand entitled “It Is The Love” and “Parmalat Mammals”. Throughout his career he has dedicated his life to giving his clients top-notch advertising campaigns for their brands.

Jose Henrique Borghi began his career at Standart Oglilvy as a copywriter in 1988. He also held several esteemed positions of President and Vice President of Creation at Leo Burnett and Talent. prior to that post he worked at several reputable agencies such as DM9, DDB and FCB.

After entering into a partnership with Erh Ray, they formed the company BorgiErh. In 2006 their company was purchased by Lowe Company and Jose Henrique Borghi and his partner Erh Ray became President and Co-Chief Executive Officers. Through national and international recognition Lowe and Partners merged with The Mullen Group to become Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Jose Henrique Borghi has captured several top advertising awards throughout his career. His accolades include 7 London Festival awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 14 Cannes Film Festival Awards and 10 Clio Awards. He continues to invent new advertising campaigns for top brands such as Harley-Davidson, Casa & Video, and TRESemme’ and learn more about Jose Borghi.

Jose graduated with honors from Pontifical Catholic University with a Bachelor Degree in Advertising.

You can learn more about Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe Advertising and how they bring brands to life at

Anthony Petrello Works It

Anthony G. Petrello, otherwise referred to as Tony, is the current President of Nabors Industries. He is also its proud Chairman of the Board and its Chief Executive Officer. This company is also uniquely connected to three other board member affiliations within organizations that span across four other industries. Anthony Petrillo’s total calculated compensation, as of fiscal year 2016, stands at $15,372,429. This leader is 61 years old and has been in the business for many years, serving as Nabors’ president since the early ‘90s.

Prior to that, he was the Chief Operating Officer for the same company. From 1979 to 1991, he served with a law firm known as Baker & McKenzie as one of the managing partners out of the New York office. He has been the Chairman of the Board at Nabors since June 2012, also serving as deputy chairman from 2003 to 2012. He has served as a director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC. ever since February 2011 as well as a director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. and

Petrello obtained his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School and his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Yale University. Under Petrello, Nabors Industries’ leadership team includes William Restrepo as chief financial officer, Mark Andrew Sachs as corporate secretary, Karina Lovato Gillenwater as vice president of human resources, Siki Meisner as president of growth, global drilling operations and engineering, Christopher Papyrus as president of the board’s drilling solutions, John Sanchez as chief operations officer through Canrig Drilling Technology, Dennis A. Smith as vice president of corporate development and investor relations, Sri Valleru as vice president and chief information officer, Steve Williams as vice president of HSD and risk management, and Julia Wright as VP and General Counsel and more information click here.

Nabors Industry proudly operates the globe’s biggest land-based drilling drilling rigs and is a top provider of offshore drilling domestically and abroad. Nabors Industries also offers performance tools and innovative technologies throughout the world’s most advanced oil and gas markets, leveraging all automation capabilities with skilled workforce standards to ensure operational excellence. It seeks to shape the industry for greater things ahead and learn more about Anthony.

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How Mike Baur Is Transforming The And Nurturing Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a journey and those who manage to find the right path finally reap great returns. Many upcoming entrepreneurs hatch beautiful ideas but due to lack of skills and resources, they are not able to build their dreams. This is a disappointing trait that can be stopped and amazing products built to offer better alternatives. To make this possible, Mike Baur came up with a facility that has been supporting many individuals across Switzerland to ensure they receive the support required to build a startup.


Mike Baur founded this facility in 2014 and since then has been working with entrepreneurs from various parts of the country to ensure they receive support to build their dreams. He allows the entrepreneurs to present their ideas before a panel and those that prove worthy of getting support are picked for processing and incubation.


Many of the individuals who joined the company are today successful with their businesses ranking among the most established across Switzerland. Today, the Swiss Startup Factory stands as the biggest such facility in the country and the most reliable for incubating potentially huge projects. It is working with several universities to offer an ample environment for the development of the ideas.


Marketing and IT support

The current world is digital and everything businesses do nowadays has some digital touch. Therefore, any business that aspires to achieve its goals has to consider embracing IT services. Startups often lack the right appeal to technology not because they don’t have the ideas but to due to limitations that are brought by lack of resources. The Swiss Startup Factory considers this as one of the problems they should address to allow startups to proceed seamlessly along the growth path. They have professionals who offer both marketing and IT support and training.


Financial support

An idea is not enough if there is no money to fund its development. The Swiss Startup Factory understands this fact and in response they work to ensure all startups that lack funds are connected with successful and capable investors.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, a Switzerland based entrepreneur, is a professional whose presence in the world of entrepreneurship came as a new dawn to upcoming entrepreneurs. Through his company, the Swiss Startup Factory, he is offering startups a chance to build structures that are bold and configured to offer success and stability. He works with individuals who are highly skilled to lead the facility.

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