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Dick DeVos Gives with Goals in Mind

Dick DeVos was known to me for his formation of the Windquest Group and its environmental mindfulness, his large hand in politics, and mostly for his wife, Betsie. Unknown to me until recently, was that he and the rest of his close family are also heavy philanthropists, giving nearly 139 million dollars throughout their lifetimes in charitable donations. Former CEO of Orlando Magic NBA basketball team and once President of his father’s company Amway, Dick DeVos donated close 11.6 million dollars in the year 2015 alone. A trend I have picked up on in his giving is that he often is very particular in how the money is used to ensure it is spent in an effective and lasting way.


The largest category to which DeVos contributes is education and education reform, attributing to 29% of his charitable contributions in 2015. He donates with the intent of better providing the high-quality education students deserve and trying to break down the barriers that coming from a more impoverished area may have. In 2010, Dick launched the first ever aviation-themed charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy with the idea of equal opportunity education in mind. It gives the surrounding 7 counties an opportunity to have their children study STEM, aeronautical engineering, and robotics by attending the academy. This gives the students skills valued in the job market, among the last graduating class there were even 15 newly licensed pilots. A marked 40% of students are minorities, and a third of students are considered economically disadvantaged. DeVos is happy with the amazing 86% graduation rate but is more intent on providing a positive change in the students’ lives and meeting the many standards of the parents.


Dick and his wife also place great importance on arts and culture, together donating 22 million in order to build and launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management in Maryland. This was done with the intent of aiding in the future of the diverse global arts community, as they believe it is dependent on having quality arts management. I am amazed that they have taken such care in such an often forgotten area. Dick also made a donation to the Spectrum Health Foundation with the stipulation that it be used to recruit a top physician and researcher in childhood cancers for the Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital. A notable increase was observed in the survival rate of those treated there for childhood brain cancer with the obtainment of this physician. Dick DeVos does not give for the sake of giving but with a clear intention and long-term goals in mind.


USHEALTH Group – Rising to the Top

The USHEALTH group is a health insurance company based in Texas, US. It has dedicated its services on the basis of their motto of helping others every day. With almost 50 years of experience, it is regarded as one of the most trusted health insurance in the US.

The attributes of the company that pulls the limelight towards itself include:

Products and Services

The company has designed its products according to the need of the clients. These insurances cover different aspects from medical insurances, accident coverage to even catering to THE vision and dental issues. Each client is provided with an array of choices from which they can choose the best for them. The services are designed to deal with the customer’s requirements regarding affordability, flexibility, and reliability.

The company has developed the first dollar benefit plan for covered services as well as different discounted plans for those customers to whom the cost is an issue. For those seeking for the security and can afford a fraction of the cost sharing, the company’s Specified Disease and Accidents plans have provided well-tailored solutions.

The health insurance plans devised by the company includes Accident, Specified Sickness, short term disability due to accident, vision and dental plans.

Experienced advisors of the USHEALTH group

In this complicated world of health insurance policies, people might find themselves totally lost in making the correct choice. Under such circumstances, the aid of an experienced advisor is always welcome. The company has hired trained insurance advisors who can provide the apt guidance to make a choice. These advisors hold valid license and have to go through proper training courses before getting authorized to represent the company’s products.

Reliability and affordability have been the hallmarks of the company’s services. The policies are flexible and can be modified according to the client’s need. An experience of 50 years makes the company stand out amongst its peers in the insurance market. These attributes make up the list of reasons why one should go for the services of the USHEALTH group.

QNET Shares the Wealth

QNET is one of the largest companies in the world. It rose to power by allowing the average person from around the world to engage in business. There are millions of people who buy and sell goods online through QNET every year. Not only that, but they also like to market for the company. A lot of people are able to buy and sell goods that would not be able to otherwise. For many people, QNET is a great opportunity to boost income over the long term. This is one of the biggest reasons that the company is so popular in many parts of the world today. The company recently decided to part with Lions Club International to support a worthy cause. This is a great example of the impact that the company has on others.

QNET History

Over the past couple of years, the growth of QNET has really accelerated. Many people in developing nations do not have access to large amounts of capital to start a business. This is one of the biggest reasons why QNET is so popular in those countries. For just a little bit of capital, a person can start an online business and start making money. Although some people make millions of dollars through their online business, there are a lot of people who simply make a little bit of income to supplement their lifestyle. This small change is more than enough to keep them happy and content. QNET does a lot of good in many countries around the world through their services.

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Giving Back

Many large companies today feel the need to give back to others for a variety of reasons. Not only do they want to help to better the world, but they also want to build a brand that shows they care about the community. QNET is one of the best companies for giving back into the community. Their entire business focus is based around providing value to shareholders.  In their recent partnership, they decided to support a humanitarian cause they believed in. With the low cost of living, there are a lot of great things that companies can do around the world for a low cost.

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