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Eli Gershkovitch: Growing to Meet the Demand

Canadians are in love with their beer. It is the most liked alcoholic beverage in Canada, with annual sales of over $9 billion. Here are the six Canadian craft beers.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

  1. Propeller IPA


The Propeller Brewing Company brews this beer. It has been the gold winner of World Beer Championship thrice. It has a caramel flavor that’s smooth and strong that’s soft on the IPA hops.


  1. Party Animal


Brewed by Beyond the Pale. Their brewery is in Ottawa. It has a 9 percent alcohol by volume. It’s a bit hoppy, and the flavor is usually fruity and sweet


  1. Lug Tread


Beau’s Brewing Co. brews this beer. The brewery is based in Vanke Hill, Ontario. The beer is an ale that’s light-golden. It uses malts and hops that are certified organic before like a lager that’s cold age.


4.Mad Tom IPA


Muskoka Brewery is the brewer of this brand. A citrus-grapefruit flavor nicely balances its bitterness. It’s brewed in Brace Bridge, Ontario.


  1. Rye Pale Ale


Brewed by Cameron’s Brewing Co., it has a little bitter finish and tastes like sweet citrus. It’s a winner of various Canadian brewing awards.


  1. Red Racer IPA

It’s Brewed in Surrey, in British Columbia specifically at City Brewing. It’s piney, bitter, and crisp. Red Racer IPA won local, regional, and national awards since 2009.

After Eli Gershkovitc had graduated from law school, he took a break before getting into career routine. He enrolled in université de ski, located in the southern France in a city called Grenoble. Eli Gershkovitch studied art during the day and explored the alps of France on weekends.


Eli Gershkovitch is the chief executive officer of Steamworks Group of Co. He believes that someone can grow and meet demand or else the demand is going to shrink and meet you. From the day of Steamworks Brew Pub opening in the year 1995, Eli Gershkovitch organically has managed to build out a floor space at Gastown location. He boosted the seats from 184 to the current 754 counts.


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