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Marc Beer Saving The Lives Of Million Women

Marc Beer, is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Renovia Inc. The company aims to develop therapeutic and diagnostic devices to treat pelvic floor disorders, which is a great initiative to create awareness and could potentially improve the lives of millions of women with the help of innovative sensor technologies and a digital health platform. Renovia was founded by Marc along with Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias, MD in the August of 2016.


Recently, $42 million was raised by the efforts and struggle of Marc Beer to fund the women’s health startup. The funds raised will be used by the Boston based medical technology company for developing and testing four other new products and to treat pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to research, urinary continence affects approximately 250 million women worldwide which is a huge number. Therefore, Renovia has the vision to create more awareness of these pelvic floor disorder and wants women to seek consultation and treatment, as Renovia is here to help them in all matters imaginable.


Marc has an experience of 25 years in development and commercialization in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries. His vast experience has given him an edge to take Renovia Inc in a successful direction. The company has already got the FDA approval for its first product Leva which is evidence enough that the company is fully committed to their aim to provide treatments and the FDA approval is a win for them.


Other healthcare-driven investing firms have invested early in Renovia, the Longwood Fund is one of the firms. The funding collected by Renovia will be used for developing more diagnostic and therapeutic products, and there also might be a new generation developed for the Leva device. The support of other investment firms is a motivation for startup companies that come to life for a good cause. It’s great how the leading healthcare investors are able to recognize the true potential of a company and share their vision. In this case, the vision of Renovia is to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of the women who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders.


Renovia is not just any startup, it’s carefully developed keeping mind the need to be tech-friendly in the world today. They have quite innovative sensor technologies along with form factors that make use of a digital health platform to inform the customers about new treatment options, to create awareness and knowledge about pelvic floor disorders and how precautions lead to lower long-term healthcare costs.


After leaving Aegerion in 2015, Renovia is Marc Beers’s first venture since then. He has admirable experiences rolled up his sleeve as he was also the strategic consultant to OvaScience as well. Due, to the efforts of people like Marc Beer who are passionate about their profession and want to help create awareness in the society about certain uncommon disorders, makes him an inspiration for other people because his efforts of today will be saving millions of lives tomorrow. Learn more:


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