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Whitney Wolfe Changes the Dating App Norm

Whitney Wolfe is doing a lot with Bumble. She has become one of the popular entrepreneurs that has created a dating app that is able to connect many people that are interested in finding someone through the internet. Everyone may not realize exactly how dating apps work, but Whitney Wolfe has managed to provide quite a bit of change to the dating app industry. She has change the way that men and women approach dating. With what she has done women are now the ones that make the first move.

This is something that people are impressed with when it comes to Bumble. It shows that Whitney Wolfe was thinking ahead when she created this type of app. Few people can say that they have experienced a dating app where women are the ones that are making the first move. Whitney Wolfe believed that this would be something that women would take interest in.

She was one such woman that would have been eager to try her own dating app. Wolfe has always believed that women should have the place to ask a man out if they are interested in someone. She did not particularly believe in the way that the dating app world puts all of the pressure on men.

Women are definitely benefiting from this dating app, but it is obvious that men are also going to have a great amount of interest in Bumble. The main reason for this is that this app allows men to relax a little. They do not have to be so eager to make the first move. That is something that men will often struggle with. Men that may have found it difficult to approach women will discover that an app like this can easily change the course of dating apps throughout the dating app environment.

Whitney knew that she was on to something good, and she made it her decision to create a whole new vibe for dating apps. She wanted to be the trendsetter. It appears that people are also going to see Whitney Wolfe setting trends with Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

These are other components of her Austin, TX based company that provides people with the ability to build better network circles or establish new friendships. Whitney Wolfe did not want to settle for creating a dating app alone. She wanted to have an entire social media presence.

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New Athleisure Line From Beyonce Comes Out

A new athleisure line from Beyonce is coming soon, and she is jumping in the bandwagon that was started by Kate Hudson at Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady. The Ivy Park Collection is the name of the line by Beyonce, but it all has its start in the Fabletics line that was started by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson started this kind of shabby chic style that takes women to the gym, and that is what Fabletics is all about.

Beyonce has been seen in clothes like what her new line will sell, and Kate Hudson has been wearing the same kinds of clothes for a long time. She is ferrying her kids to school and trying to make it to the gym. She wants to make sure that she can change in and out of clothes easily, and that is why there are so many choices of athleisure for women on Instagram. Women can throw on their tights and sports bra, but then there is a lot that they can pair with those two items.

Women can just wear their tights and sports bra to the gym in the summer, but they can throw over a sweatshirt or top in the fall or winter. They can get a dress that will slide on when they want to go out after going to the gym, or they can wear a flowing skirt in town if that is what they want to do.

Beyonce has gotten on the trend by coming up with her own line of clothes, and she is going to sell a lot of the same things that can be found at Fabletics. Both brands are there to make sure that women feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The outfits look good when a women walks down the street, but then they can be adapted to the gym when she gets to the gym for her next class.

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