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A Review Of Greg Secker’s Career

Greg Secker is a revered entrepreneur. The master trader contends that he started his trading business after realizing that many people were struggling to find their footing in the forex market. There was little education on the forex trading, thus exposing many people to the risks of the business. Greg posits that his objective was to provide the populace with the tools of trade to engage in the foreign transactions with confidence. He was optimistic that his tools would enable the average persons to improve their livelihood at relatively low risk.

When asked on how he makes his money, Greg Secker posited that initially, he used to work for companies that made money for himself. However, he wanted to teach individuals on how to generate income while leading as an example. To this end, he ensured that all his teachings are incorporated into his programs with his foundation and Learn to Trade. Secker asserts that making money through trading should be easy. He posits that people should only learn how and when to make such investments. At 27, he left the corporate world to engage in active trading while at home. At the time, Secker was using innovative platforms such as Learn to Trade. With the passage of time, he started teaching his friends and family on how to trade in the Forex market.

Greg posits that his turnover period was three to six months. Within this period, he was earning more money than what he was making in the corporate world. Secker would reinvest most of the money in his business. This way, he was able to build his company.

About Greg Secker

Greg started his career by working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. Later, he managed a new business known as Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). This forex trading platform allowed customers to receive real-time quotes on various foreign exchange transactions. After a while, he was appointed to serve as Mellon Financial Corporation’s vice president. At this Fortune 500 investment bank, Greg worked closely with the leading traders in the globe.

Greg is the proprietor of Knowledge to Action Group, which was incorporated in 2003. Its subsidiaries are Learn to Trade, Capital Index, Smart Chart Software and The Greg Secker Foundation. All these corporations seek to teach people on how to trade in the forex market.


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