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MB2 Dental Solutions Aims To Help The Dental Industry Evolve

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental service organization that partners with dentists and owners throughout the United States. MB2 provides services to help dental offices function efficiently without sacrificing patient care control or health care standards. Every affiliated dental office maintains complete clinical autonomy. MB2 emphasizes innovation, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

The Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Villanueva spent the majority of his childhood in Asia and South America. Dr. Villanueva has experience working as a trainer, mentor, and associate dentist. Dr. Villanueva is known for his knowledge of both the business aspect and the provider’s feelings. Dr. Villanueva enjoys mentoring new dentists after dental school. Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental Solutions because he was bothered by the issues facing the different practice models of dentistry.


Human Resources

MB2 provides dental offices with human resource services that include payroll, talent acquisition, and employee development. Human resources is important part of an employee’s overall experience and the dental office’s sustainability.



MB2 helps its dental offices grow their brand, which increases its profitability. The marketing team at MB2 will help each office develop a unique marketing plan that caters to their specific goals. MB2 will help dental offices enhance their marketing platform, and



MB2 University helps different offices learn about the guidance and attention that is necessary for them to succeed. Employees will be given the tools to help them grow and develop. MB2 University is committed to making patient satisfaction a priority, so that doctors can simply focus on giving patients the best treatment possible. Students at MB2 University will have access to a number of different development and training programs.



MB2 provides a number of different support services to help dental offices. Some of the services include; data management, maintenance, cloud network solutions, and software implementation.

Recently, Sentinel Capital Partners announced their new partnership with MB2 Dental Solutions. Sentinel Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests in different companies. Sentinel believes that MB2 is a fast rising dental service organization. Dr. Villanueva feels that the partnership with Sentinel is a great opportunity for MB2 to expand their platform by reaching new markets, and read full article.

Modular Greenhouses and New Technologies Could Change the World

Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems technology is big news to the greenhouse-grown food industry. The technology provides a new way to effectively grow crops and gather solar power at the same time. This is a big breakthrough considering that greenhouses are energy-intensive due to the need to keep them lit and at regulated temperatures. A combination of the new technology and modular greenhouses developed by Josh Smith in Reno, Nevada, could provide millions with the ability to grow their own low-cost produce.

The technology uses pink glass panels that are embedded with a special magenta dye. While growing, plants detect quality, quantity, duration and direction of light via a wide range of photoreceptors that can differentiate the various colors in light waves. When sunlight hits the Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic System’s pink panels, the luminescent dye eliminates most of the green wavelengths as well as some of the blue light wavelengths. The pink panels also enhance the red light wavelengths, which promotes more photosynthesis activity. Instead of wasting the captured green and blue light wavelengths, the pink panel channels them to photovoltaic strips, which in turn convert them into energy.

Although many people were skeptical that pink panels could hinder plant growth, the University of California-Santa Cruz researchers, who came up with the technology, explained that 20 percent of the plants even grew better. The technology was also successfully tested on 20 plant varieties including lemons, basil, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, limes, and cucumber.

Although more research still needs to be done to establish how the technology would measure up to others in terms of its overall sustainability, greenhouse experts such Josh Smith are very optimistic that the technology is a great step towards food system that’s friendly to the planet.

About Josh Smith

Josh Smith is visionary entrepreneur and CEO to several start-ups in the sustainable technology industries based in Reno, Nevada. He is the founder and current CEO of Modular Greenhouses.

Josh believes that it is not right for children to be fed on junk food during their developmental years and he is 100 percent committed to bringing a change to this systemic problem. With an experienced and purpose fueled team, Mr. Smith believes that he will propel Modular Greenhouses to achieve a leading market share status by 2020.

The Secret Behind The Success Of Organo Gold

Back in 2008, Bernardo Chua had a vision and it all started with a small coffee shop in Richmond, B.C., Canada. Now he is the CEO of one of the fastest growing gourmet coffee companies known as Organo Gold. Chua, who originated from the Philippines, knew the secrets that the Ganoderma mushroom possessed and wanted to help others achieve wellness and balance in their lives. This mission was achieved with the help of Shane Morand and Holton Buggs.

Shane Morand is the co-founder of Organo Gold and Global Master Distributor. Holton Buggs is the Executive Vice President of International Sales and is responsible for network marketing. Since the founding of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua has won numerous prestigious awards for his success in the multi-level marketing industry. He has received the Dangal ng Bayan Award, received the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal and Organo Gold was honored with the People’s Choice Award.

Bernardo Chua has made it so that Organo Gold now operates on six continents and in over 40 countries. But great network marketing is not what makes this company the success it is alone. The product speaks for itself. What makes these products so beneficial and incredible is an ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma is a very scare mushroom that has been used in China for its healing properties since the Ming dynasty. This unique mushroom can only be found in the dense tropical regions in Asia. Organo Gold chooses to use only the highest quality mushrooms which are found in the Wuyi Mountains of China.

Organo Gold is just not simply coffee though, the variety of blends is astonishing. There are favorites such as Columbian roast, Café Latte and Café Supreme. Richer blends include Café Mocha, African Red and King of Coffee to name a few. Hot chocolate, Chai and numerous tea blends are also available. Organo Gold has expanded their products to include beauty, bath and nutritional supplies as well.  Bernardo is all about making his coffee as healthy as possible.

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