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Kabbalah Teachings in the Modern Times

Kabbalah is a Hebrew word that means accepting or receiving. The term is used to refer to a school in Judaism that specializes with mystics. The school deals with all the ontological questions like the purpose of existence, human beings and nature.
Kabbalah has been in existence for many years. Experts say that it existed since the second century, although most of its teachings became popular in the 10th century, especially among the Israelites. Kabbalah recently found its way in different schools of thought in the modern times. Followers of Kabbalah can get information from one its main books, known as Zohar.

Zohar contains information about the foundation of Kabbalah, the principles, literature and primary ideologies used in Kabbalah teachings. The book discusses the origin of the universe and God’s divinity. The book also defines the concept of evil and good according to the Kabbalah teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre is believed to have been established in the year 1922 by an individual known as Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The institution is currently the largest global firm that is dedicated to spreading important information about Kabbalah. The primary objective of the organization is to give people from all over the world wisdom and power that can improve the quality of life and remove chaos from the community.

The center acts as the only acknowledged source of Kabbalistic wisdom. At the moment, the organization has more than fifty thousand locations in the world. Over five thousand individuals study in the organization every week. The Kabbalah Center provides people with physical locations and several online learning facilities such as lectures, books, download and DVDS.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag started the popular organization in 1922 in the city of Jerusalem. One his students, known as Rav Yehuda Brandwein took over the leadership after he passed away. Rav Brandwein also passed away in 1969, leaving the responsibility of leadership to one Kabbalist known as Rav Berg. Up to date, Rav Berg remains the director and leader of the organization. He is assisted by his wife and two children. Most of the teachings of the organization are based on the Zohar.

Lovaganza Is Universal Quality Of Life

The founders of Lovaganza dream of making it the Mother of all Foundations to bring a higher quality of life to all humanity. Their goal is to unite, help inspire, and empower other organizations around the world to join with them in this worthy goal. The end goal is simple, yet enigmatic: a higher quality of life for every child on the planet by the year 2035. Lovaganza have established the secondary goal of achieving the same quality of life for every citizen of planet Earth by 2050.

They actually founded the Lovaganza Foundation, a non-profit that is set to produce documentaries and other promotional films through their internal production house: Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The aim is to use these high-quality productions to stimulate global debate, create funding to continue running the Foundation. There are several campaigns, research projects, and other programs that are also in operation to support these productions. In turn, Lovaganza funds, guides, and empowers other non-profits and foundations.

A number of milestones have been established for children under 15 years old, leading up to the finalization of the goal in 2035. Their initial goals, the same goals they promote as common to all other sister organizations, may evolve a bit over time, but at the base are the following six goals:

* Clean drinking water access for all children

* Enough food for all children

* Clothing and safe sleeping shelter for all children

* Basic health care for all children

* Basic education for all children

* Basic safety for all children

The last item also covers making sure children are not forced into child marriages, forced labor, or as soldiers of war. The plan is to establish Lovaganza Centers for research and situation studies in countries all over the world, to get an accurate measure of the problems in the lives of children in each Center’s region. When the data paints a complete picture, the first milestone for the whole project will have been reached.

There are already a lot of organizations that have stepped up and joined Lovaganza in their quest. This list of organization names will be announced very soon. The final overall goal cannot be reached without everyone combining forces. The hope is that by 2018 there will be at least 10 world wide organizations who are accomplishing major steps towards not only their own goals, but also of Lovaganza’s milestone #1.

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