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Advancements in Communication and Technology towards Depleting Crime

Securus Technologies is a communication company which offers communication products to the correctional agencies in the United States of America. It is popular without doubt due to its best products and services which never fail at all costs. Unlike before where people used to visit prisons frequently so as to have a chat with their loved ones behind the bars, Securus brought to being best telephones and other devices which makes it easy for inmates to communicate with their loved ones. Not one or twice has this company helped the law enforcement departments catch up with different criminals in an easy way.


The tech advancements have crossed beyond even to the letters which are a writing form of communication. Many thanks are the users of these products and services which are of affordability. To be working in this organization, you have to be a tech professional and with much experience when it comes to prison matters also. To the many prisons which Securus has worked with, evidence finding and goal achievement have never been a burning issue without a solution. Rick Smith is the head of Securus Technologies has been so passionate in uplifting the technological standards of these correctional agencies.


One of the key advancements is the video application which has made a numerous number of inmates reforms to be good since surveillance is so much high. Also, there is a call tracking software which makes it easy for police officers detect all the illegal businesses and acts that are against the law and still ongoing. LBS technology is another key innovation that has aided the government to recover fake and illegal money thus discouraging criminal operations. With these and many other great inventions, Securus remains to be the best there is the technological and communicational agency responsible for crime prevention.


Securus Technologies Helping to Solve Cold Cases

When I am asked to close a cold case before a certain date, that means me and my team of investigators have to put everything else on hold and really focus our attention on one thing. This month we were asked to try and help collect evidence in a case where the only suspect may be getting out of jail on unrelated charges. While the investigation of the initial crime was still ongoing, this suspect was about to walk after serving a year on another crime.


Knowing this suspect was most likely on best behavior while in prison, we didn’t think we could get his family to help us with the evidence in the first crime. One thing that I know better than anything in this business is that criminals love to brag about their crimes, especially when they have gotten away with something and think they need to bring attention to their brilliance. If we were going to get our evidence, we needed to head to the jail to see if we could rattle the cages.


We made sure to let our suspect know that we were in the jail talking about him, and even approached him about answering some questions about the cold case. He denied us the request, then headed off to his cell. Since Securus Technologies installed the inmate telephone monitoring system, we knew if the suspect ran to the phones, we could listen in to his conversations. Securus Technologies is in over 2,400 prison systems around the country, and the company objective is making the world safe for all.


When the suspect got to the phones, he began berating his sister to make sure she took care of something because the heat was on. Before she could do anything, we had a team on her to collect the evidence she was trying to hide.


Securus Technologies Helping Investigators Catch Criminals

Catching criminals who are on the run is a challenge that gets more challenging as days pass. Once these suspects slip through the nets of our perimeters, they are easily able to slide into the shadows with the help of their friends and family. As a fugitive investigator, my job is to make sure these suspects are behind bars before they can cause any harm to the innocent people of this community.


We are able to get most of our tips from informants who will not let on they are working both sides, but allow us to get closer to our suspects like we never had access to. One particular fugitive was no long just robbing banks for a few thousand dollars, he escalated his efforts to holding up the entire branch at gun point and walking away with bigger hauls each week. It was only a matter of time before this fugitive loses his cool and hurts or kills and innocent bank employee.


When the local jail called me after they installed the new Securus Technologies inmate call system, I was curious how this was any of my concern. The corrections officers notified me that they were now able to use the LBS software and isolate chatter that related to my fugitive. It seems that he had relatives in our jail who were talking about getting together with our fugitive to form a deadly gang of bank robbers. They must have felt untouchable in jail and were openly discussing where they would meet, and where the fugitive was hiding.


That slip gave me reason to follow the conversation, and thanks to the Securus Technologies, we were able to identify the location this fugitive was hiding and arrest him with his latest haul from the bank. The phone system was instrumental in keeping the streets of this city safe.


Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Communicate With Family During Christmas

For inmates at correction facilities, a holiday season can be a tough time because they cannot be near their family and friends. However, during the Christmas holiday season, it is much tougher than at other times. The main reason is because Christmas is a special time of the year.


Christmas holds memories for people both young and old. Inmates have memories that only come up during Christmas time. Usually during the Christmas season, inmates want to see family and friends. This is typically hard to do because it is difficult for love ones to come visit inmates in correction facilities.


A way that correction facilities have been helping inmates to communicate with family during any time of the year, but especially during the holidays is through technology provided by outside companies. The technology allows inmates to call family and friends to talk. While this technology is great, what many inmates want during the Christmas holiday season is to actually see their family. Talking is good but actually seeing family is even better.


The situation that inmates are in prevent them from being able to go see family during Christmas and family coming to visit inmates is sometimes very difficult. As an alternative, Securus Technologies is providing inmates with technology that will allow them to see and talk to family during Christmas. The technology is called video visitation technology. It was developed by Securus Technologies. The technology gives inmates or other people in a situation where they cannot visit people the opportunity to talk to people and see the people at the same time.


The technology works by making a link between the inmates at the correction facilities and their family members. Once the link is made, the inmates can see and talk to their family with the video technology. The technology provides a real time conversation and the audio and video provides an excellent communication experience.


I believe that the technology provided by Securus Technologies will give many inmates and their family a chance to share special moments during Christmas. Inmates being able to see and talk to family in real time is a great way to bring the families closer together.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that serves a variety of business markets. The company is a leader in communication technology. Securus Technologies provides a variety of communication products and services to correction facilities to help inmates communicate with family and friends.



Making America Great Again

The process that is used to either guarantee business success or economic ruin is dependent on multiple factors, one of them being patent laws and control over products. Such is the case with information technology giant Securus Technologies, a nationally renown provider of incredible customer service and products to a well defined and niche customer base. This company has recently received bad press from accusations made by a competitor of theirs, GTL. This company has stated that Securus Technologies is currently operating off of expired patent laws for its many products. In order to verify or disclaim these accusations, Securus along with third party experts, have discovered that these accusations are not only baseless but far from the truth as well. This means that not only does Securus retain control of its products, but that it will continue to do so for the unforeseen future. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.


Securus provides services and products to incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. This can be in the form of offering support to inmates and their family members in the form of reliable technological advances that makes life easier. One product is a downloadable application that allows inmates to openly communicate with their loved ones through seamless video chat abilities, as long as customers have access to a WiFi connection or mobile network plan. This allows customers to bypass uncomfortable security checks at prisons as well as bring them closer to their incarcerated family members by avoiding long drive times for visitation privileges.


Securus will continue to bring to the American people a reliable and customer driven corporation that will undoubtedly continue to offer such frameworks of dedicated support through their ability to serve individuals that no other company seems to want to work alongside. Securus is amazing for these qualities.


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