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Madison Street Capital Guides ARES Security Through The Minority Recapitalization Process

Madison Street Capital has completed its strategy for ARES Security Corporation’s minority recapitalization. The international investment firm acted as an exclusive advisor during the transaction. The transaction will enable ARES Security Corporation to raise more funds through equity and subordinated debt investment. Corbel Structured Equity Partners oversaw the structuring process of the minority recapitalization. Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, facilitated the successful completion of this transaction. Charles Botchway announced the transaction in a press conference organized by Madison Street and ARES Security.

ARES Security Corporation is a Vienna-based firm. It is a world leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end security software solutions. The company’s solutions are used to protect some of the world’s most sensitive facilities run by big corporations such as governments and nuclear firms. Energy and transportation industries also rely on the company’s products. The quality of the company’s solutions has seen it become the most preferred company for such services. This information was originally published on as outlined in the link below

Speaking during the event, McGaugh expressed his pleasure to have ARES Security choose his company to facilitate the transaction. He noted the transaction would enable the firm to raise the needed capital for purposes of ensuring smooth operation and guaranteeing expansion of its services to different locations. These funds will ensure that the company continues to provide high-end suite of technology solutions to its clients across the globe. McGaugh was also pleased with the company’s directors for their involvement in the process. He particularly admired Ben Eazzetta’s devotion to ensuring that the transaction runs smoothly. Ben is ARES Security’s president and shareholder.

In his speech, Ben praised Madison Street Capital’s professionalism in the way that they handled the transaction. He contended that the services provided by the company were at par with the company’s promises. With such services, Madison Street Capital reputation continues to grow. Ben was also pleased with the quality of services provided by the financing partner that had been picked by Madison Street. Corbel’s creative way of structuring the transaction is geared towards ensuring high-value equity.

Previously, Corbel Structured Equity Partners has worked with Madison Street Capital. The company has a structured equity fund with a capital of over $95 million. The corporation uses the capital to invest in middle-market companies such as ARES Security. Such investments are strategically made in companies where the investments would add strategic and operational value.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment bank. The company has established itself as one of the successful international investment firms. Quality leadership and customer-oriented services have resulted in the company’s impressive profitability margins, competitive edge and growth. Its primary services are merger and acquisition expertise, financial advisory services, valuation services, and provision of financial opinions.

Arthur Becker Soars From Tech Mogul To Real Estate Magnate

Technology investor and entrepreneur Arthur Becker has boosted his portfolio by adding in real estate holdings in New York City. Known on NY Mag for quite some time as a quiet backer of New York City real estate.

In a report by, he recently invested in the purchase of three townhouses in Manhattan’s sought after neighborhood, the SoHo district.

South of Houston Street (SoHo) is bounded by Houston Street on the north side and Canal Street on the south, Crosby Street on the east and 6th Avenue to the west, according to the Encyclopedia of New York City.

The district in lower Manhattan is well known for its artists and art galleries as well as trendy boutiques and restaurants.

Information reported by Real Capital Analytics (RCA) revealed Becker provided $15 million in preferred equity and a $5 million mortgage for the properties located at 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street. According to reports the purchase price ranged between $22 to $27 million.

Becker reportedly plans to live in one of the townhouses as his personal residence and rent or sell the other two.

RCA also gave details on how Becker quietly invested alongside JDS Development, Ambase Corporation and Property Markets Group at 111 West 57th Street as well as investing in a property at 10 Sullivan Street and a condominium development at 124 Sixth Avenue with two other investors.

What’s more, Becker is reported to have invested $500 million in New York real estate through his research and investment company, Investors LLC, that he co-founded.

Having attained his wealth in the tech industry, Becker is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Zinio, a multi-platform distribution service for digital magazines. The company provides digital publishing services worldwide with more than 5,500 magazines from a wide range of publishers.

Becker also was chief executive and president of NaviSite, vice chairman and a Director of ClearBlue Technologies as well as a Managing Member at Madison Technologies.

His education includes a degree from Bennington College and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. To read more, visit the US Magazine’s website.


Madison Street Capital Reports New Financial Strategies Implemented by Hedge Funds

According to news received by Madison Street Capital, many hedge funds are implementing new strategies to ensure their financial success. A report compiled by Madison Street Capital showed an increase of 10 new deals acquired between 2014 and 2015 incorporating these new financial strategies. That is about a 27% increase according to the AUM. Hedge fund assets are very high and predictions for 2016 are that the increase in new deals will be even better.

Due to the hedge funds rising liabilities and increased cost in 2015 high returns had been slow in coming. This especially has affected the smaller hedge funds as they try to maintain the same maximum capacity for their clients. With the new financial strategies in the works these same hedge funds are succeeding in bringing the production and distributing in alignment to seal the gap that will benefit both the industry and the clients.

Madison Street Capital began as a startup company in 2011 located in Illinois with annual revenue of $130,000 and a staff of two. Today it is an exceptional International Investment Banking firm still based in Chicago, Illinois with offices located throughout North America, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital is highly valued for its financial advisory expertise. The firms professionals represent a wide spectrum of private and public companies along with their special committees, company boards, and shareholders. MSC currently holds more than 100 deals that are under exclusive contract.

The financial advisors employed at Madison Street Capital possess the expertise in all the areas of service their current and potential clients are looking for. Some of the services MSC provide to their clients are corporate financial advise, asset management, raising capital, financial opinion, and business merging or acquisition. This is just a small sampling of the many services they provide.

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The New Standard

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