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The New Standard

The incredibly well-reputed investment banking and brokerage firm, Laidlaw & Company provides a superior range of services to both public and individual institutions, granting specific singular characteristic advice, to an extremely well-rounded host of investors across the United Kingdom and the United States. They have achieved renown via their clientele for notably proficient and consistent aptitude at performing their job amidst a competitive world defined by malleability and fluctuation. In short, Laidlaw & Compamy sees the big picture. They look out for employees and clientele in a unique way, demonstrating the possibilities of what investment banking and brokerage firms can provide when they truly care about, and believe in their work.

Laidlaw & Company offer service in the wealth management and investment banking sectors. Through the distribution of equity to high net worth investors and institutions a like, they raise capital exponentially. Currently, they fill offices with dedicated employees across Europe and the United States, a collection of workers dedicated to maintaining Laidlaw & Company’s legacy, with one hundred and fifty plus people working with SEC registration in addition to FCA authorization, constantly facilitating relationships with individuals and businesses, all leading towards a higher global standard in services.





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