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Choosing Lawyers Such As Jeremy Goldstein

Choosing lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein is a simple process for all clients, and there are quite a few people who will enjoy his services. Jeremy has experience working with corporations and private businessmen, and this article shows what he does after he has been hired by the client. Clients are in need of a number of services that will ensure they are protected.


#1: Jeremy Goldstein Works With Large Corporations


Large corporations are working with Jeremy because they need assistance in the boardroom, and they may ask Jeremy about the policies they are using. The policies that have been created with Jeremy’s help are beneficial for the business, and they protect the business from any legal ramifications.


#2: Jeremy Works In Boutique Law


His firm is a boutique lawyer who wishes to work in a small firm that will serve many different clients with a strong staff. The professionals that are in Jeremy’s office offer consultations to their clients from their first phone call, and they are working on ways to service their clients. The firm will help corporate clients, or they will meet with new clients who work as private individuals.


#3: Boutique Firms Offer Fine Service


Jeremy offers lovely service to all his customers, and he ensures that they have been given the service that makes them feel important. Someone who wishes to use the firm may call any time they have a question, and Jeremy believes that people must be given comfort when they have a legal question.


Jeremy Goldstein has given a number of companies the support they need to improve. He sits in their boardrooms to ensure that they will have a consultant who keeps the company on the right track. Jeremy and his boutique lawyers do an excellent job with customer service and litigation.

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Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck
Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Who is a litigator?
There are very many words that people can use in the description of the term litigator. Most of the definitions given on the internet are somehow incorrect, and they only need to be corrected with the right one. This term is mainly used in law courts. A litigator is a person who mainly has specialized in the act of taking legal action against organizations and in some cases people as well.

What education do they have?
Litigators are mainly people that have been full educated with either certificates, diplomas, degrees, masters or even PhDs in things or matters concerning the law of a given country or even the entire world and read full article.

Karl Heideck

Karl is one of the greatest litigator attorneys known in the whole of Philadelphia. Karl Heideck specialized in Risk Management, and also he has been known for writing great books on law. Karl Heideck is also one of the best people that have been working as a litigator for more than ten years, and he is still working even as of today. He has also managed to bring so many people who have been on the wrong side of the law and also those people that have been on the right side of the law to justice and learn more about Karl.

Karl Heideck has worked for very many companies some of them being the highly rated businesses in the world. As a result, many people have also been trying to get his services whenever they have any issue that demanded a litigator. Karl heideck also has very many followers in his linked in page.

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Major Changes in New York Divorce Laws Highlight The Need For a Competent Divorce Attorney

2016 saw new changes in New York, especially in the way spousal support is to be calculated. After several years of debates, the NY legislature passed the new statute. The laws will mainly affect spousal support, which was already a contentious issue, even with the previous legislation. With the new laws, there is need for people pursuing divorce to do so through an experienced lawyer. One such lawyer is Ross Abelow, his extensive experience in divorce proceedings is a major asset to any divorce case. Some of the main highlights of the new statute include:

Degrees can no longer be considered marital property

New York was the only state where degrees and licenses acquired in the course of marriage was considered an asset. In the previous legislation, degrees and licenses were valued and then distributed. However, the new law put an end to this practice. Licenses and degrees are no longer an asset, however, the court is permitted to take them into consideration when computing equitable distribution awards.

Formula for calculating spousal support to change significantly

Prior to the passing of the new law, New York only had a temporary spousal formula. However, there was no set formula for post-divorce support. The new law now establishes a new way of computing temporary and long term spousal support. This new legislation has a maintenance cap. This cap establishes that in an instance where one of the party has a significantly higher income, then maintenance is to be awarded up to $175, 000 based on the income. This is a very significant change considering the previous cap was set at $500, 000. Again, there was no set formula to be used after a divorce was granted, what was there were just considerations that the court was supposed to factor in when coming up with spousal support. As evidenced, there is great need to hire the services of a qualified attorney, and this is where Ross Abelow comes in. Having experience in matrimonial and family law, he can advise you on these spousal computations.

Child custody computations

Under the previous law, proportionate shares to cover health insurance, childcare, health expenses were fixed based on each of the spouse’s income prior to the maintenance and child support proceedings. However, under the new law, these proportions are set after the transfer.

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