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Todd Lubar: A Prosperous Businessman

Todd Lubar is the Senior VP of Legendary Investments and also the Head at TDL Global Ventures and LLC. Currently, he is in the property development business where he has worked for more than two decades. He is also a business person and an entrepreneur. He has also worked in other industries like entertainment but has his heart in helping the society and other business people to come to success.

In an interview, he said the idea to come up with Global Ventures was from working in the economics industry. It is where he realized he needed to assist those in need. He had to come up with a method to remove the hindrance that prevents people from getting credit. He started a program where clients get their needs fulfilled. See,

Todd Lubar says he starts his day by having breakfast with his family. Afterward, he checks his email and Google’s news before heading off to work. His time is then in perspective because of the news which helps he set his priorities. He also works out daily so as to clear his mind. He continues to say that his ideas became a reality because he had the will to make it work.

He says that he gets excites him is developing technology that is remote controlled in homes and also says that it is wonderful to do things using technology. He says that being informed about what’s is going on at each level of his business is what makes him productive as an entrepreneur.

He previously ran a grocery for almost a year but his disliked it after he had learned it was not his thing. If he were to go over again, he would choose his close friend careful so as to have only those who challenge and motivate him. He says it is important to constantly remember your goals and also work extremely had because it will take you far.

He says encouraging a tradition of communicating with trust and honest is one strategy that aided his business to grow. He brings to light a failure he had where he had a deal stale and took him back to the start. He says that there is still an industry to surface and become a place where people will get everything the need.

He jokes that his Fitbit is the one thing he spent wisely with $100 because it almost does everything for him. He uses software and online services that he has developed with the help of designers. He recommends the community to read “The Magic of Thinking Big” because it advises on how to get most out of your business. Check out his website at

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