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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Helps L’Oreal Evolve With Beauty

Social media is a marketing trend that Dan Bethelmy-Rada sees an exciting with almost limitless possibilities when it comes to how it can be implemented to leave impressions on their customers. The Global Brand President for the Professional Products Division of L’Oreal has been innovating the marketing industry since he began working in the beauty industry almost 20 years ago. At the young age of 40, he has already been working as Global Brand President since January 2015 after amassing 15 years of experience for L’Oreal and Garnier.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has an impressive track record in the industry that has earned the respect and dedication of his considerable team. Inclusivity is important for him within L’Oreal and he does a lot to encourage it. He has had the opportunity to witness a lot of different types of beauty throughout his life as he has been to many different countries around the world since his childhood. While he was born in Venezuela, he spent 10 years living in the United States before moving to France at the age of 16. He learned during this time that beauty is different around the world and there are not universal standards when it comes to what is beautiful. As someone working in the beauty industry, this has made him realize just how different their customer base is around the different parts of the globe.

While Dan Bethelmy-Rada has achieved a considerable amount of success during his lengthy career in beauty, he also encourages and helps others to advance within the company and in their careers in general. This is why he pushes for furthering education to advance your career. Training other people who show potential in marketing for positions is also something that he takes pride in doing.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada works for a titan in the beauty industry and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. While his position may not be easy, it is always interesting and can come with a lot of changes every single day. As the world of beauty continues to evolve, so will the world of marketing the industry.

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Vijay Eswaran is a Businessman With a Purpose in India

Vijay Eswaran was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He is the son of Vijayaratnam Eswaran and Pushpavathy Chinnaiah. He attended London Schools of Economics then Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran is married to Umayal Eswaran. Struggling through a recession when he began building his empire of QI Group of Companies, he managed to rise to being amongst the richest men in Asia. Vijay rose to prominence for making consistent profits in his business during a time of economic uncertainty even when the business began on a low end.

Currently, his companies have multiplied to around forty in number. The good returns of his business have led to the diversification of the business by venturing into real estate, telecommunications, fine art among others.

As an international motivational speaker, Vijay has spoken at management and business forums including the 6th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India. He has also given speeches on leadership, spirituality, and mindfulness.

The first book he wrote ‘In the Sphere of Silence ‘was mostly based on his personal life management philosophy and his habit of starting each day with an hour of silence before his errands. This book was published in 2005, and it motivated many by how he rose from a taxi driver to a millionaire.

Vijay’s successfully finished his second book’s the thinking Zone’which is a collection of his thoughts and reflections on life. It includes inspirational quotes picked personally by Vijay Eswaran from his interruptions with thousands of people all over the world.

He also got the inspiration during his silent moments that he has daily during reflection. This book was released in May 2008. Three years down the line after releasing his second book, Vijay released ’18 Stepping Stones’ in 2011. This book explains 18 concepts to life, it’s ideal for people of all backgrounds, all age groups.

It allows you as the reader to recollect yourself, recharge and realign your own life using it as a guideline. His latest book’On the Wings of Thought’is a collection of his photography and inspiring reflection from Vijay himself.

He has won numerous awards including the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship in 2016 respectively.

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