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Clayton Hutson- Article Recap

Kid Rock’s second 2018 tour is about to kick off. His “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Tour” will be a country-wide tour that will repeatedly cross back and forth across the United States. Rock’s former Stage Manager, Clayton Hutson, will be returning, but in a much larger role. Hutson will be the Production Manager of the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Tour” and is expected to perform admirably in the role.


During Rock’s “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour“, Clayton Hutson was credited with saving the tour and making it a success. This is assumed to be the reason for Hutson’s return as production manager. When Hutson was questioned about the obstacles created by Kid Rock’s unreserved behavior, he accredited his success in solving the issues to his years of experience in the music and live event industries. He’d been heavily invested in the music industry since his youth and has built a career around that passion for music and what goes on behind the scenes at live events. Clayton knows very well that working in the music industry requires a group of amazing coworkers and he’s expressed his confidence in the team that he’ll work with on the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour”. He believes the experience will be a positive one.


Clayton Hutson is also no stranger to an extremely busy lifestyle. He is not only currently advancing shows for Kid Rock’s latest tour, but he is also wrapping up Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “Soul2Soul Tour” at the same time. Despite that busy lifestyle Clayton does have a life outside of working for live events that are ran by someone else. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee and owns his own company under the name “Ronin Event Creative“. He strives to build his business while working on live music events and residing in Nashville has helped him with that goal. Nashville is home to an absolutely massive amount of influential figures in the music industry and Clayton has developed bonds with many of them.


In closing, Clayton Hutson is an ambitious and highly-talented man with a passion for music and live events. He is proud of every event that he has worked on and he knows that he brings a valuable skillset to the table for anyone in need of a live event. This pride, ambition, and talent set him apart from others.

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