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Cotemar Mexico and Its Successful Services in the Mexican Energy Industry


Cotemar is no doubt one of the leading service companies in Mexico. Starting small as an accommodation and catering services organization, it has grown to become a force to reckon with in the energy industry.


The firm has in operation for over 37 years. It has grown from offering two lines to offering offshore services to the oil and gas sector. Petroleos Mexicanos is one of the organizations that rely on Cotemar for its gas and oil operations.


Cotemar mission is to provide its customers with the best offshore oil and gas services, effective and efficient processes as well as using technology and success driven personnel to implement them. Besides, the organization intends to grow further and become sustainable and venture in new business segments within the energy industry. It will also increase their production processes, adopt new technology as well as support these process using the latest specialized vessels.


The organization has strong values that dictate and guide their operations. They include:


  • Reliability

Cotemar delivers the expected services to their clients. They promise what they can deliver. They are committed to offering the best results possible.

  • Integrity

Cotemar believes that honesty and trust between them and their customers are paramount. The organization holds that every staff member must observe ethics within and outside the firm to safeguard their reputation and values.

  • Innovation

The firm is committed to investing in new technology to enhance their way of thinking in the process of service delivery. Innovation is important in creating more value for the client, and the company has shown its commitment.

  • Humility

The company believes in respect. They have a positive attitude in their daily activities. This will strengthen the teamwork in the organization thus enhancing service delivery to customers.


Cotemar services are provided in three strategic divisions capable of incorporating advanced specialized services. The company has various market segments notably construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering. Specialized vessels services, as well as accommodation and catering, are the other market segments.


Having skilled employees, values, and top services, Cotemar will continue staying ahead of the competitors in the Mexico energy sector.

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