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Skilled Race Driver Michel Terpins Makes An Important Move In Winning The Races And Helping The Society

Rodrigo Terpins has been a successful car racer in the most famous Brazil rallies. This was a family passion in which he inherited from his father. All through his career, he has displayed excellent driving skills where most of his fans line to cheer him whether he is racing or in practice. One race which has remained a memory for him was the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally held in the toughest Brazil terrains. Despite the difficulties, he was able to secure the 5th position overall. He reveals that he and his co-driver faced one of the most difficult competitions in their entire career. Nevertheless, the exhaustion and tough roads never stopped him apply his skills as he accelerated to gain momentum and pick up the pace to take control of their driving efforts.

Terpins has been racing in the T-Rex car which he adores so much and could not see any reason why he could change. It is a MEM developed vehicle suitable for Brazilian tough terrains. Racing needs a lot of skills and perseverance. When you are racing, you have to remember that this is a risky endeavor as anything can happen while you are at the top speed. So you have to ready to handle everything, and the most important is to prepare your mind to able to handle traumas. This time, the T-Rex car had received a free carbon seal knowing that they would be racing in the Amazons and the carbon release will be consumed by the trees in the forest.

This boosted their car by burning more fuel at a faster rate enabling it to pick the highest speed at a short distance covering the whole distance at high speeds without developing complications. During the 2016 Sertões Rally, the pilots were able to deliver excellent and spectacular scene to hundreds of thousands of fans by portraying envious driving skills when finishing the race. Winning is not only Rodrigo Terpins vision as he has engaged in many charities in helping the needy people in the society to live a better life. After completing the race, he donated funds to facilitate the authorities acquire medicine for the city hospitals and building of clean water facilities that would help the community. More about Terpins on

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