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Rocketship Education on the move to provide quality studies


Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing quality education to low-class earners. The institution has since expanded its services by developing different schools that operate in the same manner. Currently, the institution has around 25 schools that do things the same way and run on the same curriculum. Currently, the Rocketship education has expanded this influence in different states with the headquarters being located in California.

Improving the quality of education

Elementary school children have always been taught fundamental knowledge. The children get a formal training that pushes them to a specific life in their future. Rocketship operates differently. The focus is to ensure that the children develop with the requirements of education and market expectation. The children are not only taught on formal curriculum, but also on physical and mental development. The process of education is improved as the children have an early understanding of technology.

Innovation and education

The world is moving fast on technology. Rocketship ensures that the students are trained on the emerging issue from their childhood. It is the first institution to embrace online studies using the different software according to the level of learning. With this training, the institution has produced innovative children who have an independent thinking from their childhood.

Financial support

Because of their contribution to the society, Rocketship schools have received a lot of financial support from several individuals and organizations. The institution has received massive support from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is in the process of building more infrastructures. Bill and Melinda Foundation has equally contributed to the course of education. The administration of the former president Barrack Obama supported the course of the institution in the provision of quality education.

Parental support and involvement

Since the elementary children come from different families, it is important to engage their parents. The children have different focuses and abilities which need to be cultivated. The parents are involved in the process of vetting new teachers so as to get something that would be safe for their children. Through their representatives, the parents have to be included in all the important decisions made in the school.


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