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Dr. Saad: Offering Expertise In Surgery After Retirement

Most surgeons seek to establish a good practice for themselves so that they can earn well and support them and their families, but to Dr. Saad, that was only the base of the goals that he wanted to pursue. He is a world-renowned surgeon who has worked with thousands of patients, offering them his expertise in surgical procedures. In addition to his practice, he also travels the world, offering medical care and surgeries to patients who are suffering from complex diseases or disorders and can’t seek proper treatment from the doctors living in their country.



Dr. Saad was born in Palestine and moved to the UAE when he was just a young boy. He grew up alongside eight brothers and sisters, all of which who grew up to be incredibly successful in their respective fields. Dr. Saad always had big dreams and wanted to become a doctor at a young age. He was one of the few members in the family that didn’t go into the real estate or construction business, but nevertheless, was supported entirely by every member of the family.



Dr. Saad has always been an avid traveler. He moved to Egypt when he wanted to study medicine, and after that, moved to the UK to work. He was employed at one of the city’s top hospitals and worked as a surgical resident there. Pediatrics was always something that interested him, and he saw it as a viable career path that he can take to reach the top of the sector. As he worked more and more, he expanded his pool of knowledge to become one of the more notable names in his field. He is requested all over the world to come to conduct surgeries in respective countries that are complex and highly risk-oriented. Because of the work that he does, he has managed to save the lives of thousands of children all over the globe. Learn more:



In addition to offering his expertise and services, Dr. Saad also stands as the head of several notable medical institutions. In the past, he stood as the Chief of Surgery at the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. He also served as the medical director of the institution before he decided to retire. He is also a part of several medical organizations like the Pediatric Surgeons of America and other well-known organizations which are considered to be top tier in the field. He has also been able to contribute to these organizations, offering his insight and expertise to its members and other surgeons who are registered with them.



Now, having retired from the field, Dr. Saad continues to work in research and finding new surgical techniques for the treatment of patients with a range of medical disorders.

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