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Women Entrepreneurs Have Looking For The Right Niche Have A New Role Model

Business, Cosmetics, Color ( The Internet. What do all of these things have in common? A fearless leader named Doe Deere! Deere has become an icon due to her cosmetics brand, Lime Crime, which feature bright and bold colors. This internet-based business has made Deere a role model for women entrepreneurs. She was featured on the cover of Self-Made magazine as a woman entrepreneur to look up to, and I have to agree! Doe Deere’s busienss style is unabashedly feminine. She talks about listening to her intuition, being a passionate listener, and loving her work. These emotional and almost spiritual words have been missing from the business lexicon for many decades! Her fearless and unique business style makes her a great role model for women entrepreneurs. Learn more:

How can women who are looking for the right business niche to enter into learn from Doe Deere? For one thing, her story high lights the fact that a person can do what they love and find success. Deere always enjoyed playing with colors and fashion, from the time she was a small child. She kept on “playing” with colorful styles as she grew older, and was unafraid to share her D.I.Y. bold fashions with the world. Her internet presence led to a large loyal audience, which she translated into a successful business after years of sharing and playing.

Doe Deere shows us that passions can become businesses, and it is possible to do what you love and earn money. She turned her joy of color and expression into a concrete brand by taking that joy and making it real. She says that ideas are kind of like children. You must nurture them and help them grow. One way that an idea can turn into a concrete business is by writing a business plan. If you have an inkling of an idea for the niche you want to go into, or a potential business in mind, try writing out a plan for it! Perfect your plan until it is ready to show your mentor, bank, or potential investors. Free business plan templates are easy to find online, and books can also help you with this step of the process. Learn more:

A business plan also calls for financial resources, at the beginning. When a business is first starting up, the owner might have to work for long hours with little or no compensation. This is closely related to the idea of going with your passion when you chose your business niche. What are you willing to do for free? How will you feel if you don’t make money for a while? Learn more:

Doe Deere is an artist and her story can inspire us when we think about working for free. As an artist, Deere loved to be creative with her style from the get go. This meant that it was not a job to her to dress and share a make-up look that she had come up with. This led to her online presence, and some online selling.

She was looking for a name for her eBay account in 2004, so that she could continue to sell some of her D.I.Y. fashion inventions. The name “limecrime” popped into hear head, and she went with it. Four years later, she took that idea, and all of the momentum she had built with her love for make-up, and started a full-fledged business.


Doe Deere Builds Lime Crime From Her Vision

Doe Deere has built Lime Crime from her early days on auction sites, and she has built a brand that she is quite proud of. There are quite a few different people who are buying from Lime Crime because they want the strongest colors in the industry, and this article explains how Doe Deere has built such a good company from the ground up. She is selling to women who are living an alternative lifestyle, and she is helping women appreciate their alternative style.

#1: How Did The Company Grow?

The company has grown quite a lot over the years because of the vision that Doe had for her products. She knew that she could help women look their best by providing them with colors that they had never seen before. She started by making her own cosmetics, and she has made videos to this effect. She now consults with the people in her office about how they may make better products.

#2: What Do They Sell?

The company sells cosmetics and hair dyes that come in unique colors. They are making colors that are not found in any other location, and they are creating colors that are quite different from women are accustomed to buying. Women often have to settle because they cannot find what they need, and they may purchase from Lime Crime because they have found the exact colors and styles they need.

#3: The Brand Is Consistent

The brand is quite consistent, and it is a brand that Doe models every year. She is the face of the brand, and she is in all the advertisements for her brand. She makes the brand look better overall, and she ensures that the brand will look its best when she is modeling the color or the hair dyes that she has created.

#4: Building New Products

The Lime Crime brand is based on new products that were created for people who love the brand as it is. they are making better hair dyes, and they are making vegans products that will ensure the company has a broader reach every year. They will grow their product catalog, and they will build a customer base that expects better hair colors and cosmetics.

The Lime Crime product line is one that has been built over many years of toil from Doe Deere. Her brand has grown quite a lot because of the work she has done.

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