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Patty Rocklage and Her Immense Contribution to the Society

Patty Rocklage isn’t your everyday Psychotherapist. Patty is an experienced and reputable professional with a charming personality who finds delight in assisting families and couples alike work out and overcome the challenging life struggles. After graduating from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1981, Patty Rocklage has lived and served the people of Sudbury, Massachusetts for more twenty years in practice.

Contribution to MIT
In addition to being, a Psychotherapist Patty Rocklage is a loving wife to Dr. Scott Rocklage. Thanks to the generous contribution of the Rocklages’, Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) is a much better place. Patty and her husband helped fund the renovations of the nanotechnology and the nanochemistry lab where Dr. Scott’s foundations were established with the help of Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Richard R. Schrock.

In honoring the efforts of the two, Moungi Bawandeni, on behalf of the entire MIT family and the chemistry department, gave Dr. Scott and his wife a tour on the state of the art labs on 18th July 2016. Later a vote of thanks and a plaque of honor was mounted to commemorate this achievement and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

The Rocklage Home
The Rocklage home is another distinct feature that comes to mind when you talk about Patty Rockage, not for the mere fact that their story features as a case study on the Sudbury Company’s website, but because of its inspiration.

Before undertaking on their home renovation Patty and her husband were not pleased with the distance between their house and their kitchen and their home’s frontal façade. These two scenarios lead the couples to look for the best and most affordable solution to their problem hence their choice of Ed and the Sudbury Company. These contractors on their part did not disappoint, as they were able to successfully and flawlessly achieve high quality standards with the project.

Patty Rocklage is phenomenal woman, one whose reputation will linger long in the minds of many for her generous contribution to education and impact in the family unit and Patty of Twitter.

Helane Morrison, Hall Capital, And The Power Of Intergrity, Wise Investing, And Regulary Compliance

At California based financial services company, Hall Capital, a culture of integrity is fostered by it’s leaders. Plus the company embraces diversity from top to bottom and this helps it to attract the best and the brightest people to its staff and its customer base. Hall Capital offers banking and financial services. One of the Bay Areas most successful and largest money managers, the company’s assets under management is in excess of $24 billion. One of the things which makes Hall Capital unique is three of the firm’s top executives, Kathryn Hall, CEO, Sarah Stein, President and general council and Chief Compliance Officer Helane Morrison are female.

Another thing that makes the company stand out is that it is known for the integrity of its management and staff. Hall Capital is known as a company people can trust to guide them to lucrative investment opportunities. Although Hall, Stein, and Morrison have diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, they are united in their efforts to make their clients money. With so much chicanery in the financial services industry, clients love the fact they can trust the brain thrust of Hall Capital to treat them fairly and guide them into the best long and short term investments possible.

Plus this is her first foray into business. Her background is law. Helane earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Berkley, clerked for Appeals Court and Supreme Court judges, and was a practicing attorney for a decade. What made her uniquely qualified to help guide Hall Capital was the 11 years she spent in the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time there Morrison brought cases against a number of well-known companies and gained a reputation for integrity and a willingness to fight fraud, insider trading, and any other corporate misdeeds.

These days Morrison spends her time making sure Hall Capital does things that follow the letter and the spirit of the laws that governs their practices. The company manages the portfolios of some of the most successful families in the Bay Area. Accountability is what underpins the firm and its investors know they are receiving financial services, leadership, values, and regulatory compliance on which they can depend.

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