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Don Ressler’s JustFab Paves the way for Other Successful Retail Ventures

For all of the thousands of online companies and brands that pop up it is only a rare few that are able to become mega-successful. The internet has made it possible for great ideas to turn into thriving businesses, but only when the right people are coming up with the ideas and putting in the hard work required. Don Ressler has become known for being one of those rare entrepreneurs who has created multiple online brands that were destined to succeed. With a track record of transforming great ideas into established brands it’s easy to understand why he is considered amongst the best of the best in the world of online retail.

Don Ressler’s Journey to Online Retail Success

Ressler began his foray into the world of online retail success with his very first startup company, This startup was purchased by Intermix Media back in 2001. Never one to stop at what he does, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg. It didn’t take the two very long to get moving in the right direction; starting the company that ultimately became Intelligent Beauty.

A Great Business Model Spawns Other Distinctive Brands

Intelligent Beauty was just the start of bigger and better things to come. It was via this venture that Don Ressler and Goldenberg launched TooFab. Launched in 2010, JustFab raised substantial capital and went on to become an established brand. By April of 2012, JustFab boasted of over 6 million worldwide members. JustFab continued to be successful in its own right and served as a strong foundation from which to launch several successful “sub-brands”, like Fabletics. JustFab also acquired the online shoe subscription business ShoeDazzle, which continues to be a hit with online shoppers. Source:

What’s in the Future for JustFab and Don Ressler?

It is impossible to stay ahead of the pack in the online retail market without having a clear vision, a sound plan and a real life passion for growing new businesses. Ressler has demonstrated throughout his career that he possesses all three. With a new brick-and-mortar JustFab location in Los Angeles, Mr. Ressler may very well prove that he can help to create businesses in the offline world that are as successful as his online ventures have been so far. With a penchant for continuously introducing businesses that surpass all expectations it is a safe bet to believe that Ressler will be behind even more big product and/or brand launches in the near future.

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