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Jose Henrique Borghi-Mullen Lowe Bringing Brands to Life

José Henrique Borghi is an accomplished advertising executive and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil. His brilliant advertising campaigns and creativity set him at the top of the advertising world. Many of his campaigns are still remembered in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Brazil. His most coveted advertising campaigns was that of the Sazon brand entitled “It Is The Love” and “Parmalat Mammals”. Throughout his career he has dedicated his life to giving his clients top-notch advertising campaigns for their brands.

Jose Henrique Borghi began his career at Standart Oglilvy as a copywriter in 1988. He also held several esteemed positions of President and Vice President of Creation at Leo Burnett and Talent. prior to that post he worked at several reputable agencies such as DM9, DDB and FCB.

After entering into a partnership with Erh Ray, they formed the company BorgiErh. In 2006 their company was purchased by Lowe Company and Jose Henrique Borghi and his partner Erh Ray became President and Co-Chief Executive Officers. Through national and international recognition Lowe and Partners merged with The Mullen Group to become Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Jose Henrique Borghi has captured several top advertising awards throughout his career. His accolades include 7 London Festival awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 14 Cannes Film Festival Awards and 10 Clio Awards. He continues to invent new advertising campaigns for top brands such as Harley-Davidson, Casa & Video, and TRESemme’ and learn more about Jose Borghi.

Jose graduated with honors from Pontifical Catholic University with a Bachelor Degree in Advertising.

You can learn more about Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe Advertising and how they bring brands to life at

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