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Madison Street Capital Reports New Financial Strategies Implemented by Hedge Funds

According to news received by Madison Street Capital, many hedge funds are implementing new strategies to ensure their financial success. A report compiled by Madison Street Capital showed an increase of 10 new deals acquired between 2014 and 2015 incorporating these new financial strategies. That is about a 27% increase according to the AUM. Hedge fund assets are very high and predictions for 2016 are that the increase in new deals will be even better.

Due to the hedge funds rising liabilities and increased cost in 2015 high returns had been slow in coming. This especially has affected the smaller hedge funds as they try to maintain the same maximum capacity for their clients. With the new financial strategies in the works these same hedge funds are succeeding in bringing the production and distributing in alignment to seal the gap that will benefit both the industry and the clients.

Madison Street Capital began as a startup company in 2011 located in Illinois with annual revenue of $130,000 and a staff of two. Today it is an exceptional International Investment Banking firm still based in Chicago, Illinois with offices located throughout North America, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital is highly valued for its financial advisory expertise. The firms professionals represent a wide spectrum of private and public companies along with their special committees, company boards, and shareholders. MSC currently holds more than 100 deals that are under exclusive contract.

The financial advisors employed at Madison Street Capital possess the expertise in all the areas of service their current and potential clients are looking for. Some of the services MSC provide to their clients are corporate financial advise, asset management, raising capital, financial opinion, and business merging or acquisition. This is just a small sampling of the many services they provide.

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