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Nathaniel Ru

Starting up a business and implementing an idea is not something that is easy or cheap. Three Georgetown students Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru are among some of the youngest entrepreneurs who through hard work and sacrifice have made their life after graduation busy with implementing ideas they had while in school. It is confusing trying to figure out what would be appropriate to do after graduation. These young lads had no idea what the Life after they were out of college would bring.

The three friends decided to start up their business in the food industry making not only fresh but also healthy salads. The food has been achieved from a blend of different spices that have been brought from the farm without any further processing. Startup and capital for the business were obtained from funding of the 40 friends and relatives. The company has grown steadily in the recent past and become one of the largest food industries in the United States with approximately 30 branches nationwide. Plans are underway to open other branches which would make the total more than 40. One of the indications that the business has grown robustly is the capital base and venture capital funding which is alone estimated to be worth about $95 million. The co-founder and the co- chief executive officer Jammet has been of the most inspiring young entrepreneurs evidently through the video interview by Elliot. The three have figured on many news, and their idea has been a source of inspiration, it is evident of the power of ideas, hard work and innovation.

Nathaniel Ru, co-founder, and co-CEO of Sweetgreen is irrefutably one of the major figures in the management of small businesses. Being one of the co-founders and management of the Sweetgreen, he is evidently a team worker and loves to listen to the ideas that different people have. Nathaniel Ru is a perfect example of what young men who have good ideas and implement them can do. His success is a living testimony of what teamwork and unitedness when driving towards a given goal can do. Some of the interviews he has done reveal how a combination of efforts when starting a company with one’s friends can yield a lot. The combination of passion and hard work as explained by Nathaniel Ru is a good blend of what one would need to prosper in their venture. It would also be important to work together however how far the distance from one another is. Communication will serve a useful purpose in uniting partners together.

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