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Securus Technologies Helping Investigators Catch Criminals

Catching criminals who are on the run is a challenge that gets more challenging as days pass. Once these suspects slip through the nets of our perimeters, they are easily able to slide into the shadows with the help of their friends and family. As a fugitive investigator, my job is to make sure these suspects are behind bars before they can cause any harm to the innocent people of this community.


We are able to get most of our tips from informants who will not let on they are working both sides, but allow us to get closer to our suspects like we never had access to. One particular fugitive was no long just robbing banks for a few thousand dollars, he escalated his efforts to holding up the entire branch at gun point and walking away with bigger hauls each week. It was only a matter of time before this fugitive loses his cool and hurts or kills and innocent bank employee.


When the local jail called me after they installed the new Securus Technologies inmate call system, I was curious how this was any of my concern. The corrections officers notified me that they were now able to use the LBS software and isolate chatter that related to my fugitive. It seems that he had relatives in our jail who were talking about getting together with our fugitive to form a deadly gang of bank robbers. They must have felt untouchable in jail and were openly discussing where they would meet, and where the fugitive was hiding.


That slip gave me reason to follow the conversation, and thanks to the Securus Technologies, we were able to identify the location this fugitive was hiding and arrest him with his latest haul from the bank. The phone system was instrumental in keeping the streets of this city safe.


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