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Securus Technologies Helping to Solve Cold Cases

When I am asked to close a cold case before a certain date, that means me and my team of investigators have to put everything else on hold and really focus our attention on one thing. This month we were asked to try and help collect evidence in a case where the only suspect may be getting out of jail on unrelated charges. While the investigation of the initial crime was still ongoing, this suspect was about to walk after serving a year on another crime.


Knowing this suspect was most likely on best behavior while in prison, we didn’t think we could get his family to help us with the evidence in the first crime. One thing that I know better than anything in this business is that criminals love to brag about their crimes, especially when they have gotten away with something and think they need to bring attention to their brilliance. If we were going to get our evidence, we needed to head to the jail to see if we could rattle the cages.


We made sure to let our suspect know that we were in the jail talking about him, and even approached him about answering some questions about the cold case. He denied us the request, then headed off to his cell. Since Securus Technologies installed the inmate telephone monitoring system, we knew if the suspect ran to the phones, we could listen in to his conversations. Securus Technologies is in over 2,400 prison systems around the country, and the company objective is making the world safe for all.


When the suspect got to the phones, he began berating his sister to make sure she took care of something because the heat was on. Before she could do anything, we had a team on her to collect the evidence she was trying to hide.


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