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Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Communicate With Family During Christmas

For inmates at correction facilities, a holiday season can be a tough time because they cannot be near their family and friends. However, during the Christmas holiday season, it is much tougher than at other times. The main reason is because Christmas is a special time of the year.


Christmas holds memories for people both young and old. Inmates have memories that only come up during Christmas time. Usually during the Christmas season, inmates want to see family and friends. This is typically hard to do because it is difficult for love ones to come visit inmates in correction facilities.


A way that correction facilities have been helping inmates to communicate with family during any time of the year, but especially during the holidays is through technology provided by outside companies. The technology allows inmates to call family and friends to talk. While this technology is great, what many inmates want during the Christmas holiday season is to actually see their family. Talking is good but actually seeing family is even better.


The situation that inmates are in prevent them from being able to go see family during Christmas and family coming to visit inmates is sometimes very difficult. As an alternative, Securus Technologies is providing inmates with technology that will allow them to see and talk to family during Christmas. The technology is called video visitation technology. It was developed by Securus Technologies. The technology gives inmates or other people in a situation where they cannot visit people the opportunity to talk to people and see the people at the same time.


The technology works by making a link between the inmates at the correction facilities and their family members. Once the link is made, the inmates can see and talk to their family with the video technology. The technology provides a real time conversation and the audio and video provides an excellent communication experience.


I believe that the technology provided by Securus Technologies will give many inmates and their family a chance to share special moments during Christmas. Inmates being able to see and talk to family in real time is a great way to bring the families closer together.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that serves a variety of business markets. The company is a leader in communication technology. Securus Technologies provides a variety of communication products and services to correction facilities to help inmates communicate with family and friends.



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