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Skout Makes The Connection

Since the advent of smartphones and the rise of social media, developers have been working overtime to come up with new apps to help keep us all connected in ways we never would have imagined just a few years ago. Some of the apps are going a long way towards changing our social structures and the ways in which we make friends, and Skout seems to be one of those apps.

A story in Adweek reviewed Skout and talked about the many features the free, downloadable app offers for people who want to connect with new friends.

Skout has a grid of faces on its mainpage that shows the many people (and potential friends) who are using the app at any one time.

Getting the “Buzz”

Once on the app, a side bar “drawer” on the left shows the activity of some of the people who are using the app at any one time. The Skout “Buzz” shows updates with details on what people are doing, and a “Shake to Chat” feature will connect a user with another user at random, so they can begin a chat. Once the chat has gone on for more than 40 seconds, the users’ profiles will appear so they can find out more about each other.

Getting Current with Skout Currency

One of the different aspects of Skout is its use of “currency” (which must be purchased by the user) and points that are required to use special features. Some of the features that require points for use include a peek “backstage” at a user, and a “Winkbomb” feature, which lets one user flirt it up by sending on a lot of winks.

The Skout app has a fun quality to it that adds an extra bit of verve to the whole “making friends online” experience.

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