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Standing for your Rights with George Soros

After the 2004 elections, George Soros had not made any political donations until the recent concluded 2016 elections when he made unprecedented comeback giving millions of contributions in the process. George Soros funded the presidential race, Sheriff races and even contributed to re-election for District attorneys of his choice. However, according to the political, all these donations had one thing in common. The people who received these contributions were believers in three main issues on Forbes. There was the religion tolerance, immigration reforms and the criminal justice reforms. For instance, many people believe that Soros made donations for the presidential candidate Hilary Clinton as the two agreed on these things. He made donations of over $30 million to Hillary campaign and other causes supporting her election. George Soros is a very wealthy man with an estimated wealth of over $30 billion.

In the small races, George Soros made a huge donation to help defeat a sheriff in the Maricopa County, Arizona. Joe Arpaio was the target for Soros donations as the two gentlemen disagree on critical issues. Concerning this campaign, Soros made contributions worth over $2 million. This donation has sparked other donations from other billionaires like Laura and John Arnold as well as Laurene Powel Jobs. Soros spent a part of his fortune opposing people who disagreed with him on criminal justice reforms and immigration reforms at national and grassroots levels on Biography. He has made contributions to help defeat district attorneys in several counties such as Jefferson and Gilpin counties found Texas. He has also opposed Republican district attorney Bill Montgomery for his stand concerning these critical issues on

During last year’s national elections, his political advisor said that Soros felt that the stakes were high and therefore, needed to make these donations. Soros and Clinton have been allies for some time now dating 30 years. He had faith in her, and the two also shared the same fears about their opponent Donald Trump whom Soros referred to as an agent of ISIS. After the defeat of Clinton, rich liberals including George Soros held a closed-door meeting in Washington. The Politico revealed that the hot issues being discussed at this meeting were how they would oppose the Trump presidency. These rich liberals also said that the right lessons should be learned from the defeat. This was a meeting that was organized by the Democratic Donors Club and managed to attract notable figures such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Keith Ellison. This was the first meeting after the defeat of their preferred candidate.

This meeting came at a time when the rich liberals were looking into their approach to politics as well as the role that the Democratic Alliance played. During this meeting, the Politico learned that they also discussed the role of money in politics. Soros has made his wealth from risky currency trades. He is an immigrant from Hungary and a graduate of London School of Economics where he first discovered his love for finance. He is known around the world to fund democratic causes such as the fight against apartheid rule in South Africa three decades ago.

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