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How Has Waiakea Water Reshaped The Bottled-Water Industry

Bottled water is one of the best-selling fluids in society today. This particular field is loaded with brand after brand, but some brands are much better than others. Have you ever heard of Waiakea water? Well, this brand is one of the newest competitors, and it’s offering many more benefits than traditional bottled water. Unlike the other forms of water that come from natural springs, this water is produced by rainfall. In addition to that, the rainwater flows through a volcano’s porous rock. This specific type of rock provide some of the best natural-cleansing benefits on earth.

Waiakea volcanic water is high in electrolytes as well as high in magnesium. Calcium and antioxidants are also absorbed by the water. These fine ingredients have put the water in an alkaline state. Water is much healthier when it has high alkaline levels, and Waiakea volcanic water is listed at an 8.2 on the pH scale. The average bottled-water brand’s fluid is generally below a 7.0. This is 100 percent true, and anything that’s below a 7.0 is considered to be unhealthy. Ryan Emmons founded the company in 2012. The source of this extraordinary water just so happen to rear its head on the family’s property. “This is some of the freshest water that I’ve ever drank,” said Emmons.

When comparing the countries that consume copious amounts of water, Italy is ranked at the top position. In general, water can be found in abundance as most households receive their water via tap. Unfortunately, tap water isn’t as healthy as you may think. The very ingredients that are used to cleanse the water can make you sick. Chemicals such as fluoride are the main culprits. Waiakea volcanic water has naturally bypassed the chemical process, and it’s a better solution for satisfying your hydration needs.

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