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Talos Energy: Leaders in Oil and Natural Gas Discoveries

Talos Energy Inc. is an autonomous gas and oil exploration company. It was launched on the year 2012 by Timothy Duncan who was the founder. Talos Energy started with an initial capital outlay of $600 million. It mainly focuses on areas such as offshore exploration and production in the shallow waters of the Mexican coast. Its Headquarters are based in Houston, Texas. Talos energy has managed to set a pace in oil exploration. This can be attributed to having a team of highly qualified and experienced managers. Through their expertize, they have successfully managed to acquire and develop operated shelf and deep-water assets in the Gulf of Mexico. They have explored, exploited and optimized those assets using their cutting-edge seismic technologies and innovative techniques.

Good management has brought about a good performance over time. Before launching Talos Energy in 2012, they successfully formed and sold two companies i.e. Phoenix exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co. The sale of these two companies generated significant returns to their stakeholders.

Talos energy marked the beginning of the Zama Appraisal program by exploring the Zama 2 well. This program comprises of three reservoirs which include two wells and one sidetrack. This discovery was made on 12th July 2017 and approved by Mexico’s oil and gas regulatory body known as the National Hydrocarbons Commission on 28th September 2018. The first well will be drilled on the northern side of the region.

This will help the energy firm to collect the relevant information which is needed to understand the capacity of the reservoirs. It will also be deepened by 500 meters to test an exploration prospect known as Marte. The second well will be drilled on the southern side and this will help in improving quality in the southern region. It will be sampled to help the company’s technical team to understand the geology of the area. Talos energy contracted a firm known as ENSCO 8503 rig for the drilling program. It also contracted McDermott International Inc. for Concept and Engineering services. Other supporting services such as shore base support and communication-related services were given to several Mexican Suppliers

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